CMSA National asked members of CMSA-NYC leadership to highlight their successes in the face of hardship.


Have there been any silver linings that have come out of the past, unprecedented year?

CMSA-NYC has made the Zoom Platform our friend! With the additional Zoom functionality, we were able to transition this year’s meetings to a Virtual platform along with a coalition of CMSA Chapters (NYC, Hudson, Capitol Region, NJ, and Maryland). This platform allowed us to continue to provide educational content for our chapter members.

Our Virtual Program started in September 2020 and will continue through the end of 2021. Our attendance has been very good. We provided excellent speakers for free to all CMSA members. We reached members and potential members that were not previously able to attend our meetings in person.


Do you think these enhancements will change how CMSA-NYC will do things going forward?

CMSA-NYC will continue a hybrid platform in the future. We are in the planning phase to resume in-person meetings with an option to watch live via webinar. Our hope is to continue to offer CEU/Networking content virtually and in person.


These changes must have taken a lot of time and effort. Who would you like to acknowledge for the exciting advancements at CMSA NYC?

Jose Santoro, CMSA-NYC and Central NJ Treasurer: I would like to recognize Toresha Bethune Peterson, CMSA-NYC Vice President, for all she has done on the I.T. / CE ZOOM Virtual platform. She has donated countless hours to make our webinar series a success!  Thank you for all you do, Tori!

Toresha Bethune Peterson, CMSA-NYC Vice President: We want to recognize Sheila Kolt as the new Executive Director of CMSA-NYC and the strategic work she is doing to increase membership. Thank you, Sheila!