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The coronavirus pandemic has caused more than one out of four contractors to halt or delay work on current projects, according to a survey released recently by the Associated General Contractors of America. The survey results show how quickly market conditions have changed compared to data showing a majority of metro areas added construction jobs through January. Association officials noted that a relief bill the Senate is considering includes some favorable tax and loan provisions. But they said the bill also needs new infrastructure investments and improvements to the new paid sick and family medical leave measures.
In an American Society of Safety Professionals​ webinar, President of SafeTech Consultants Deborah Roy used the example of warehouses to explain that a workspace in which workers are regularly 6 feet apart or more, and already wearing gloves, is a relatively low-risk environment when it comes to the spread of the coronavirus, when compared to a tight office space.
We should expect construction to shut down. The only question is when, not if, this will occur. Owners will be given a few days to secure their sites, but what comes next?
On Center Software
The chief executive officer of the Associated General Contractors of America, Stephen E. Sandherr, issued the following statement in reaction to the Coronavirus relief measure that passed the Senate last week: “The coronavirus relief measure the Senate passed last night will provide construction employers and employees with critically needed access to capital, expedited cash flow, worker benefit protection and critical tax relief, among other measures. These measures will provide construction firms and their employees with a needed lifeline to help them cope with a rapidly deteriorating business environment.
The COVID-19 is a worldwide wildcard. Around the globe, organizations are forced to communicate with a wide variety of audiences. Audiences range from employees to customers and vendors—and more. A pandemic of this nature is new for the modern globalized workforce. Societies realize the breadth of international influence involved in a single supply chain now more than ever before. Domestically based organizations realize their place in the larger global system—and the construction industry is a perfect example.
VIDEO Case Study: OWA Ceiling System Creates Design Focal Point
OWA USA Corporation
The best way to describe our product solutions is to lay out the business case. All of the products used in this project are readily available in the US. Overview: DuPont was building a new corporate office in Mexico City, Mexico. Their goal was to create a unique and eye-catching environment that can effectively control the acoustics based upon the need of the individual spaces.
Aiming to protect construction workers from the COVID-19 pandemic, CPWR – The Center for Construction Research and Training has released guidance for employees and employers.
While different cities grapple with how major construction projects should forge ahead—if at all—during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the shipping and sourcing of the raw materials used in said projects has slowed to a trickle.
Mobility and real-time access to information are changing the game when it comes to construction workforce management. While many companies have developed applications that field workers can access via mobile devices for data entry, they only solve part of the problem and still require workers to take time away from their job to access and record information.
OWA USA Corporation
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Member News
Safety Compliance Company is pleased to provide you with safety meeting material to assist you in conveying health and safety information to your employees about the Coronavirus (COVID -19).
In the midst of this health crisis it’s become amazingly clear the impact of our global society - one region or country is not isolated from another. As the US office of a German organization, we understand this loud and clear. As many areas (including Germany and much of the US) have instituted a shelter in place order or the like, we wanted to notify you that OWA USA remains ready to serve and assist on technical or schedule shipments of material out of our warehouse in New Jersey.
Safety Compliance Company is pleased to provide you a sample COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan. It is based on what is currently known about the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). 
“Our OPM certification is specifically designed for hospitals in California and is the ultimate test of a systems viability” said Scott Simpson, Chief Technical Officer. “We support all heavy-duty grid from Armstrong®, CertainTeed® and USG®."
Amid global social distancing restrictions, Hilti focuses on enabling customers with digital services and resources including offering online anchor design course.

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