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Recertification Information & FAQs

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Why do I need to recertify my CMP?
Having the CMP after your name tells people you have mastered the knowledge needed to be a successful meeting professional. These initials also tell your colleagues and customers that you have pledged to stay current in the meetings industry by recertifying this knowledge every five years. 

How has the CMP Program changed?
CICís new online portal allows you to record continuing education activities as you complete them. Then, when itís time to recertify you can apply online! No more stuffing file folders with registration receipts and conference programs. If you havenít done so already, simply log into  your online account by clicking the "login" button on the CIC homepage. Your user name is the email address CIC has on file. For complete information about your online profile, click here.

If you achieved or recertified your CMP prior to 2011, there are a few changes you should be aware of.

What you may remember as the "Blueprint" is now the "CMP International Standards (CMP-IS)." The CMP-IS is comprised of 10 domains. These domains identify the subject matter expertise you should have as a CMP; therefore the learning objectives of all of your continuing education activities must be aligned with one of these domains.

The recertification requirements have changed too. You no longer need a certain amount of points in various activities. Now you have three options:
  1. 25 continuing education (CE) clock hours in activities related to one of the 10 domains in the CMP International Standards, OR 
  2. 15 CEs plus three industry-related activities
  3. An industry-related bachelorís degree or higher from a college or university 
All activities must have taken place within your five-year certification cycle.

In addition, you must demonstrate that you have been employed as a meeting professional for 36 months in the past five years.

How do I align my continuing education activities with the CMP International Standards?
Download a PDF of the CMP-IS by clicking here. Often a sessionís content will align with more than one of the 10 domains, but you only have to report one.

Do I have to report CEs for each of the 10 domains in the Standards?
No. You should select CEs for the domains in which you have the least experience or for those domains in which you want to expand your knowledge. 

Where can I find CE activities?
This year, CIC launched the new CMP Preferred Provider Program. Organizations that participate have their continuing education activities pre-reviewed by CIC. Attendees who attend sessions that CIC has approved for CMP credit will have their attendance automatically loaded into their online profiles (your email address must match the one you provided both CIC and the host organization). CIC also lists pre-approved activities on the searchable Preferred Provider Directory, which lists the programís details such as date, time, location and how many CMP CEs attendees can earn.

Should I only attend activities that are listed in the Preferred Provider Directory?
No, as long as an activityís learning objectives align with the CMP-IS, it will count for recertification credit; however, you will have to enter each session you attend in your online profile and provide the necessary details.

Can CIC review the sessions Iíve attended to see if they will be approved for credit?
CIC is not able to pre-review individual activities youíve attended prior to submitting your recertification application. 

Do webinars or online courses count?
Yes, as long as you can align the learning objectives with one of the 10 domains, it will be approved for credit.

Can I use classes from a college course I attended?
Yes, as long as you can align the learning objectives with one of the 10 domains, it will be approved for credit. Remember that activities must be meeting industry-related. So, for instance, a class on general marketing theories would not count for credit but a course on marketing a conference or event would.

Does a degree in Communications (or Marketing, Public Relations, Business, etc.) count for Option 2 of Section I Ė Professional Experience?
Your higher education degree must be industry-specific to count for CMP recertification.

How long does it take to have my recertification application reviewed and approved?
Please allow 6-8 weeks.

Iíve been on my job and in the industry for 20 plus years, do I still have to complete the recertification application?
To remain a CMP, you must recertify every five years. Those who are retired, however, may request Emeritus status. Emeritus status is an honorary status CIC bestows on those who have been actively certified and then retire from the field. For information, please click here

My certificate expired in 2011, can I still recertify?
No. You must recertify every five years. In fact, CIC gives you a one-year grace period to submit your application after your end date has passed. After your grace period ends, however, you must take and pass the exam to be CMP certified.

For complete information on recertifying your CMP, please download the CMP Recertification Handbook here.


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