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The Global Evolution of the CMP

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I have the privilege of representing the global community on the CMP Board of Directors, in addition to my paid job as the Meetings Industry Executive director at the Mexico Tourism Board. As we approach the end of the year, I would like to take this opportunity to offer some reflections about the importance of the CMP credential especially outside of the US meeting industry landscape.

When I give my business card to someone in my country that is not related to our industry (sometimes even in the industry) he or she immediately asks, "What are those letters after your last name? Aren't you becoming very 'American' in your business language?"

When I explain the benefits of going through the certification process, being able to use those letters proudly to connect with players both from the demand and supply side in the meetings world; then their faces and expressions change. 

The Convention Industry Council has been doing an extremely good job in making the process, the exam, the study materials and the availability of the credential more global. Examples of these steps are the change of US English to International English in all materials; the evolution to a computer-based testing with locations all over the world; the appointment of regional CMP representatives in areas such as Latin America, South Africa, Asia-Pacific, and North America; and partnership and collaboration with other official standardization institutions in other countries to apply the best practices. 

However, I think we still have a cultural problem as some of the misperceptions are: 
  1. That if someone is not pursuing US corporate business meetings then it is not needed to obtain the CMP 
  2. That all metrics, measurement criteria, logistics and calculations are based only in US parameters
  3. That it is very elementary and only for entry level professionals causing experienced professionals from other parts of the world to think they simply "don't need it" -- and of course without their positive influence, it is more difficult to promote it
  4. That the process and exams are very difficult , so if you are not a fluent English speaker it will be almost impossible to obtain the credential
In my opinion, those are only pretexts... going through a certification process in your career shows your commitment to the industry you represent, shows that you want to speak the professional language of the most demanding peers and shows that there is no limit to continuing to educate yourself even during your peak years of performance.

And the CMP is by far the most horizontal, comprehensive and applicable body of knowledge in this globally competitive profession.

I encourage all of my fellow CMP's around the world to become ambassadors of this high-level standard within your circles of influence.


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