Introducing the CIA Research Hub on LinkedIn

CIA members are invited to join the CIA Research Hub on LinkedIn to discuss everything related to actuarial research activities. Spearheaded by the Research Council (REC), this initiative will help put you in touch with the CIA’s actuarial research and let you join the conversation between researchers and practising actuaries.   

An Obvious Solution

The CIA has been very active in research, publishing over 30 papers in the last two years. While we have used traditional means to communicate research results, getting the research into interested members’ hands has been a challenge.

“We have a vast amount of research,” says Jill Harper, Vice-chair of Communications on the REC. “Our challenge is to let people know about research that may be of value to them without overwhelming everyone with communications.”

The REC turned to LinkedIn, a platform where many of our members are already active. In fact, in a recent communications survey, 63% of respondents said that LinkedIn was their preferred social media for professional purposes.

Jill Harper, Vice-chair of Communications
on the REC.

Building Conversations

The interactive aspect of this tool is very appealing. The CIA Research Hub gives members access to a network of CIA researchers, and gives researchers access to actuaries working in the field.

“We hope to provide an easy way to find out about research being done and to provide input,” says Ms. Harper. “Members can use this hub to learn about research as well as to have discussions about research and to make suggestions.”

Strategic research themes, such as aging and retirement, Canadian health care, property and casualty insurance, and emerging practices are among some of the topics open to discussion.

Join Us Today

The CIA Research Hub provides a window on actuarial research made in Canada. “The LinkedIn group will help members to keep up with the research we’re publishing,” says Ms. Harper.

Join now to stay current and add your voice to the CIA research community.

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