In Memoriam

David F. Howe, FCIA (1966), FIA (1965), ASA (1966)

David Howe passed away in January 2016. His actuarial career included work in senior management positions in Canada and the U.S. His formal obituary indicates Mr. Howe’s desire that his obituary remember not places of work but people in the profession that he influenced or was influenced by. These people include but are not limited to Harold Clough, Dil Juneja, Jim Norton, and Jill Wagman. Mr. Howe’s volunteer experience with the CIA includes serving as a member of the Consolidated Standards of Practice Committee and the Taskforce on Pension Plan Surplus.

Quintin J. Maltby, FCIA (1965), FSA (1961)

Quintin Maltby passed away August 26, 2015 after a brief illness. Mr. Maltby graduated with a BA from the University of Toronto in 1951. He worked at North American Life Assurance Company as an actuary, information systems until his retirement in 1991.

William Waugh, FCIA (1965), FSA (1949), MAAA (1976)

William Waugh passed away in April 2016. After earning his degree in mathematics, physics, and chemistry from the University of Toronto, Mr. Waugh served as a radar officer in the Royal Navy for much of the Second World War. After the war, he joined Canada Life Assurance, and was chief actuary when he retired in 1985. He was Chair of the CIA Committee on Papers from 1975–1978.

Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires