Own a Piece of CIA History

In celebration of the CIA’s 50th anniversary, the Institute created a written history of the organization. Since the story of the CIA is truly that of its members, whose collective efforts have led to the success of the profession in Canada, we invited members to tell that story in their own words.

"One summer a bunch of us focused on developing a statistical system to beat the horse races at the track in Winnipeg."

–Chris Chapman, President 1983–1984

Our history. Our achievements. is an oral history of the CIA over the past 50 years. Through the words of more than 40 members, the history of the CIA is presented in a very personal way. Learn more about the establishment of the CIA, the CIA in the public eye, the establishment of the Appointed Actuary, and the international role of the CIA and Canadian actuaries. Photos, perspectives on the CIA presidency, and thoughts on actuaries as the professionals of the future round out this special book.

I worked on Canada’s very first IBM 650 computer, which had a humongous memory bank of 2,000 decimal positions. Today a cell phone has more, but back then it represented a huge advance.

–Yves Guérard, President, 1982–1983

Our history. Our achievements. is free for members. The book will be available in late March.

Don’t miss out on this CIA memento. Order your copy of Our history. Our achievements. today.

They said, "OK, you can have your FCIA . . . but we can’t give you the certificate until next year because the guy who does the calligraphy only comes in once a year." I had to wait an extra year before I got my certificate. Now I’m signing them.

–John Dark, Secretary-Treasurer, 2013 to present

Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires