2014 Election Candidates Named

The Elections Committee is pleased to present its slate of candidates for election to the CIA Board for terms beginning in 2014.

There are 11 candidates for Director, but there will be no voting for a President-elect; Robert Stapleford has been elected to the position by acclamation. This slate of candidates was developed through the election process adopted by the CIA in 2007, and includes candidates identified by the committee as well as any members who put their names forward.

Position statements and biographical data for all of the candidates are available on the CIA website as of today, April 30, which marks the beginning of the election campaign period. Candidates have been invited to participate in an online discussion forum from April 30 to May 14, and to post responses to topics suggested by the 2014 Elections Committee or members. Members can view discussions by candidate or by topic and post comments on a candidate’s response to create a discussion. Members may also propose additional topics that could be discussed by candidates.

Voting members will be able to cast their votes electronically from noon on May 14 until 3:00 p.m. EDT on June 4. An e-mail will be sent to members, at the beginning of the voting period, with instructions on how to submit a ballot.

Slate of Candidates:

President-elect for 2014–2015 (elected by acclamation)
Robert H. Stapleford

Candidates for Director
David J. Congram
Alan R. Cooke
Jorgen (John) D. Have
Richard Gauthier
Kevin A. Lee
Karen L. Lockridge
Geoffrey E. Melbourne
Alnasir H. Samji
Donald G. Tettmar
Keith E. Walter
A. Kim Young

Canadian Institute of Actuaries/Institut canadien des actuaires