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Seeing Beyond Risk: Summer podcasts

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It looks like the Seeing Beyond Risk podcast team didn’t take a break this summer! The series has been truly enhanced by several episodes over the past few months. Below is an overview of the topics covered and links to the recordings:

  • On the seas with Richard Gauthier: In June we kicked off the summer with a lighter podcast featuring CIA member, Richard Gauthier, a world traveler by sailboat fulfilling a long-time dream (episode 50).
  • A presidential transition: interview with Marc Tardif and Michel St-Germain: Highlighting the Institute’s presidential transition in July, Past President, Marc Tardif and our current President, Michel St-Germain look back on the past 12 months and discuss what lies ahead for the coming year (episode 52).
  • Applying ERM to long-term care in Canada: In this interview, Bonnie-Jeanne MacDonald, FCIA, draws from her research paper’s major findings to explain how an enterprise risk management approach could apply to long-term care in Canada – a timely topic in the year of COVID-19 (episode 54).
  • Research paper on accident benefits – long-term disability: We published a research paper on accident benefit long-term disability claims. Report authors Sherry Feng, Anh Tu Le, ACIA, and Adam Peleshok, FCIA, join us to discuss their research (episode 55).
  • Contingent pension plans: Barbara Sanders, FCIA, and Barry Gros, FCIA, discuss their recent work published by the C.D. Howe Institute, dealing with the sustainability of contingent pension plans, and how a principles-based regulatory framework may be better suited to these types of arrangements (episode 57).
  • Changes to commuted value standards: On December 1, 2020, the rules governing the calculation of pension commuted values will change. Gavin Benjamin, FCIA, joins us to discuss the upcoming changes, the reasons behind the revised rules, and how they could affect pension plan members (episode 58).

Don’t miss the new episode we’ve just released. On your autumn strolls, you can listen to thoughts on the major changes to insurance underwriting due to COVID-19, and increased attention on the development of predictive analytics for risk assessment.

We will also be interviewing Étienne Dubé, Vice-President and Portfolio Manager at RBC, on the liquidity situation of fixed income assets.

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If you have a topic you’d like to hear, or would like to discuss in an episode, do not hesitate to contact the CIA podcasts team.


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