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By Sandra Caya

The first months of 2019 have passed by quickly as we work hard to make this year one of innovation and refreshed approaches to communicating with you. You might recall that in December 2018, we sent out a survey on CIA communications. Nearly 600 members replied, giving us a great sample of responses to help guide our activities and priorities for the coming year.

Linking with You on LinkedIn

One of the most interesting takeaways from the survey is how heavily our membership favours the use of LinkedIn over other social media for professional activities, at 63 percent of all respondents. The next closest is Facebook, with only 10 percent of respondents.

With this finding in hand, we have increased our presence and targeted posting on LinkedIn, and we are already seeing increased engagement with nearly 230 new followers since January, compared to only 60 new followers in the preceding period. If you haven’t already, make sure to follow our page to receive CIA updates, and remember to like and share our posts when you see them, to reach new influencers outside our network.

We are also excited to launch a new discussion space on LinkedIn Groups—the CIA Research Hub, exclusive to CIA members, where you are invited to join and talk about everything related to actuarial research activities at the CIA: new reports, research projects, thoughts and ideas on interesting external research papers, and general discussion on research topics. Request to join today.

Beyond Seeing Beyond Risk

Members primarily want to receive professional content—and it is no surprise that continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities and professional requirements (Standards of Practice, Rules of Professional Conduct, Bylaws, policies, educational notes) tied for first place with 84 percent response. Coming close behind are research, studies, and reports at 78 percent and industry news at 77 percent.

Our quarterly e-magazine, Seeing Beyond Risk, has been one way we have shared fresh ideas from peers and experts. Now, to make these articles and industry reviews more frequent, accessible and engaging, we are expanding the scope of Seeing Beyond Risk to other formats, including LinkedIn articles, podcasts, and eventually to blog posts and direct email content. Watch for expert Seeing Beyond Risk articles on our LinkedIn page, and if you have an idea for a story or opinion you want to share, email me at

To help make research releases more accessible to members and the public, we are launching the new Seeing Beyond Risk podcast series. Monthly episodes feature interviews with the authors of an upcoming or recent research report, sharing some of the key takeaways and applications of their findings. This month, you’ll find two episodes—a conversation with Keith Walter, Chair of the Research Council, and an interview with Marianne Purushotham about the newly released Canadian Segregated Funds Product Experience Study. Listen now!

Bringing Innovations to Your Inbox

Another survey result we heard loud and clear is our members’ preference to continue receiving CIA content via weekly emails (71 percent response) and monthly newsletters (58 percent response), but with a better reading experience and more relevant content.

With several major IT projects in our pipeline, we are looking ahead to big improvements in our communications technology over the coming year, meaning we will be able to deliver great-looking, targeted content to each member in a format that works for their needs. In the meantime, we have made some minor updates to our (e)Bulletin design, and we are doing our best to bring you fresher, updated ways of presenting content in all of our member communications as we transition.

This is just a snapshot of our team’s activities as we work towards giving you the content and information you need, how and when you need it—whether that’s in your inbox, on LinkedIn, from a podcast, or elsewhere online. We look forward to seeing you out there!

Sandra Caya is Associate Director, Communications and Public Affairs, at the CIA.


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