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ASNA Convention 2019: Actuary of the Future

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Each January, Head Office staff and a group of dedicated volunteers make their way to the annual Actuarial Students’ National Association (ASNA) Convention. This year, we joined a record crowd in Montréal for three days of sessions, networking, and learning about the actuarial profession. There was no shortage of excitement among the more than 600 enthusiastic students who came with résumés in hand, hoping to land an interview or ask questions of practising actuaries.

Strategic Partners

The CIA has been a proud strategic partner to ASNA for more than 25 years and we are honoured each year to work with a talented group of students. The convention is one of our favourite career events for the opportunities that it provides to meet and network with future actuaries and future members. Aside from being a grand patron sponsor at the convention, we are proud to support ASNA throughout the year with webcast, teleconference services, translation support, and through a joint networking event each summer. We are very excited to be working on a job portal, to help connect students and future employers, with plans to launch it later this year.

Organized entirely by students, this annual convention, which attracts students from across Canada, grows each year. Key features include a career fair, education and information sessions, job interviews, a case competition, as well as networking and social events spread over three days. This year, registration sold out prior to the close of early-bird rates!

Mobile App

New this year was the CIA-supplied mobile app. The app was used 16,144 times with a 75.4 percent adoption rate. Delegates built their personal schedules, checked out the program, and connected using the app. They also enjoyed the game centre feature, where they could compete for prizes as the top gamer.

First Impressions

Executive Director Michel Simard and the photographer prepare a student for his head shot.

For many students, this was their first foray into the professional world, a chance to meet with company executives and forge connections that might one day bring them closer to the career of their dreams. We were thrilled to once again provide attendees with a free professional headshot so they can make a great first impression with their LinkedIn profile picture.

Engaging Sessions  

In The Question is the Answer game, our take on the popular Jeopardy! game show, students teamed up to demonstrate what they knew about math, actuaries and pop culture, education, and more. With noisemakers in hand, they battled to the final round and left armed with knowledge about professionalism and the role the CIA will play as their lifelong career partner.    

A crowd favourite, our TED-style talk series gave students first-hand insight into the practice through four 10-minute presentations.


A highlight of the convention was President-elect Marc Tardif’s gala presentation where he spoke about the importance for the next generation of actuaries to develop good communication skills, to have the courage of conviction as a professional, and to deliver one’s message clearly. Wild applause erupted when he announced he was a Laval graduate, and cheers closed the session when one lucky delegate at each table found out they had won their own personal amplifier (otherwise known as a Bluetooth wireless speaker), to remind them of the valuable knowledge they received about how they can excel as an actuary.

Special thanks go to these CIA members who volunteered their time to help inspire future actuaries: Marc Tardif, Joseph Nunes, Sébastien Bernard, Vincent Quirion, Alexandre Charest, and Jean-Philippe Simard.

Our next ASNA event takes place in Toronto in August 2019. If you would like to help us inspire future actuaries, contact Alicia Rollo.


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