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December 2018

What’s New in Research?

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Developing research material is one of the CIA’s fundamental activities. Thought-provoking and leading-edge research helps expand the boundaries of the profession, advances knowledge on emerging issues, lines of business, and practice areas, and aligns with the Institute’s strategic priorities. CIA research provides a unique Canadian perspective, in both official languages.

Recent Research Publications

Since the last Research Hub article in June 2018, the Research Council (REC) has published six research reports and papers. Several additional projects will be finalized over the next few months. For more information on the research currently underway at the CIA, visit the Research Projects page on the website.

Incorporation of Flood and Other Catastrophe Model Results into Pricing and Underwriting

This report is prepared to assist in developing recommendations for pricing methodologies and underwriting approaches that incorporate the use of catastrophe model results. This research follows on the recent emergence of water damage claims and climate-related perils as the largest claims costs facing property insurers in Canada. With the upwards trend in water damage claims, Canadian insurance companies have responded with the development and introduction to the market of property protection flood endorsement policies.

Appointed Actuary Survey of C-1 Practices and Provisions of Life and Health Insurance Organizations in Canada – 2016 Fiscal Year-End

This report (log in required) documents the results of the survey of C-1 practices and provisions for life and health insurance organizations in Canada, as at fiscal year-end (FYE) 2016. This research provides the CIA and its members with knowledge of current actuarial practices in Canada. Using the collected data, actuaries can ascertain their organization’s position within the range of Canadian actuarial practices.

Canadian Standard Ordinary Life Experience 2015–2016 Using 86–92 and 97–04 Tables

This report of the intercompany mortality experience for Canadian standard ordinary life insurance policies covers the one-year period between policy anniversaries in 2015 and 2016 on an age-nearest-birthday basis. This report presents the high-level findings of the 2015–2016 mortality study based on the CIA 86–92 and CIA 97–04 expected bases.

11th Survey of Emerging Risks (long version)

This report highlights the outsized role of cyber risks, along with an improving global economic outlook and upward trending geopolitical risks. These key findings emphasize a need for enterprise risk management (ERM) to adjust along with the risks themselves.

Canadian Segregated Funds Product Experience Study

This report represents the first industry study of Canadian segregated funds product policyholder behaviour and mortality experience that materially impact the cost of guaranteed death, maturity, and withdrawal benefits provided by segregated funds products. This study provides insurers with recent experience data for Canadian segregated funds products regarding full surrenders, partial withdrawals, guaranteed withdrawal benefit utilization, and mortality.

Member Papers

In recent months, we published one paper drafted by a CIA member.

A Practical Approach to Establishing Margins for Adverse Deviation in Going Concern Funding Valuations

CIA member Chun-Ming (George) Ma drafted this paper, which proposes an alternative design for a provision for adverse deviations (PfAD) through the development of a margin for incorporation in the going concern discount rate.  


To get involved with the REC, or a REC committee or project oversight group (POG), please contact Shlomit Jacobson, manager, research. Make sure to indicate your interest in participating in research work through the My Volunteer Profile (log in required) section of the member website.

Share Your Research Ideas

The CIA seeks member input to identify topics of interest related to four focus areas selected for further research and study in the coming year. Visit the website to learn more about these focus areas and submit your research ideas.


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