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December 2018

Social Media, the Institute, and the Actuary

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By Maryanne Bright

While the days of print are far from over, more and more businesses and organizations are recognizing the value of incorporating non-traditional methods of communication into their marketing outreach efforts.

Social media and other platforms to engage with audiences have transformed the way we communicate—from emojis and memes to a 24/7 streaming model of ever-new and exciting content.

This inundation of information has changed how we respond to messages, forcing businesses to think more strategically about innovative ways to interact with members and the public.

For an organization committed to providing the latest updates regarding the actuarial profession, using social media as a tool to inform, educate, and promote the practice is invaluable. It also doesn’t hurt that the use of popular platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, has helped increase the CIA’s organizational and brand visibility while also building a stronger presence online.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what the numbers say (as of November 28):

Why Social Media and Why Now?

Social media is a forum for exchange primarily centred around sharing personal opinions and unfortunately at times, misinformation. The CIA and actuaries can lend their voice to important conversations and issues by providing an unbiased, research-informed viewpoint.

Here are our top three reasons to get involved and join the conversation:

Stay Connected

Social media is a remarkable tool that, when used effectively, can expand your professional networks and help you stay connected. Platforms like LinkedIn enable users to keep their finger on the industry pulse in a format that encourages meaningful engagement and peer exchange.

Stay Informed

Twitter is a user-friendly platform that allows you to keep up with the latest news as it happens. You’re only a quick search away from discovering the trending topics of the day, popular articles, and insightful peer commentary.

Stay Relevant

With social media here to stay, the best way to get more out of the technology is to focus on having conversations. As actuaries whose job it is to serve the public interest, lending an educated and objective voice to important issues can be a small action with a big impact.

Let’s Chat

Want to connect with an energetic network of peers, share knowledge, and engage with new perspectives? Be part of our growing online community by following us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

It’s time to get talking—as actuaries, your active participation can go a long way not only to promote the Institution but also the profession and its practitioners. 

Maryanne Bright is the CIA’s marketing content writer.


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