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May 2018

Why the 2018 Annual Meeting is the Place for Actuaries

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By Joseph Gabriel, FCIA

I look forward to seeing you Learn, Adapt, and Thrive at the 2018 Annual Meeting. As staff actuary, education with the CIA, I have the best behind-the-scenes look at how the Continuing Education Committee and CIA staff did everything to put together a stellar program yet again.

From the Conventional to Digital Disruption

With some 50 sessions on wide-ranging topics, this year’s Annual Meeting promises to be broad, current and captivating. Participants are sure to find cutting-edge content that is relevant to their practice.

Pensions and Insurance

Learn more about the latest updates on retirement legislative changes. Speakers will provide details on the new Ontario regulations regarding the provision for adverse deviations, as well as other changes and their implications. Take part in panel discussions on the legislation and framework for pension plan terminations and commuted values and their impact on plan members in various contexts.

Other sessions will outline why actuaries should focus on cancer, the consequences of wrong assumptions, and correlations and dependencies across insurance product lines.

Mortality and Morbidity Outcomes

Hear about the results of a new study predicting mortality and morbidity outcomes in a data set of 500,000 lives. Using medical, lifestyle, and genetic data, speakers will demonstrate that adding knowledge of a person’s genetics, assessed using polygenic risk scores, to conventional rating factors significantly changes the prediction of an individual’s risk of dying or developing heart disease, breast cancer, and stroke. Speakers will discuss the impact on the life insurance industry with focus on the potential for anti-selection if insurers cannot access the same genetic information during underwriting.


Do you have questions about the new Life Insurance Capital Adequacy Test (LICAT) and IFRS 17? Speakers will discuss lessons learned from the LICAT implementation process and approaches to forecasting and projecting on a LICAT basis.

IFRS 17 will have a huge impact on actuarial financial reporting. Don’t miss the nine sessions that showcase the issues.

Healthcare and Pharmacogenetics

On the health side, a presentation on pharmacogenetics, or personalized medicine for the masses, will discuss the health and economic arguments for using pharmacogenomics.

Financial Services and Digital Disruption

What actuary isn’t wondering about the financial services industry’s unprecedented transformation? A revolution rooted in digital disruption and the adoption of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of things. It is imperative that finance, risk, and compliance teams reinvent and transform to provide business advice and profitable growth while ensuring resiliency and compliance. A few real-world use cases will illustrate how and where blockchain networks are likely to trickle down into our day-to-day lives and profession.

The meeting will also include structured professionalism content, such as ethical decision-making for actuaries and the art of persuasion.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

To see the magnitude of the effort and human capital invested in organizing the Annual Meeting, look at the underlying numbers:

  • 42 continuing professional development (CPD) charged sessions;
  • 53 sessions in total;
  • 48.5 total hours of CPD content;
  • 118 session speakers;
  • Four hours of available professionalism-structured CPD;
  • Two keynote speakers; and
  • Up to 7.75 hours of individual CPD.

Network with Colleagues

The social side of the event is important too. Take the opportunity to mix with colleagues, establish new connections, and welcome our new Fellows to the Institute.

In relation to this year’s theme, Learn, Adapt, Thrive, I will quote Aristotle: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

I hope to see you in great numbers on June 21–22 at the CIA flagship event!

Joseph Gabriel, FCIA, is staff actuary, education, at the Canadian Institute of Actuaries.


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