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October 2016

Seminar Flashback: Actuarial Evidence and Appointed Actuary Seminars

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September featured two CIA seminars: the Seminar for the Appointed Actuary and the Actuarial Evidence Seminar.

Delegates at the 2016 Seminar for the Appointed Actuary.       

This year, over 330 people attended the Seminar for the Appointed Actuary in Toronto. The seminar featured a variety of sessions covering a wide-range of topics, from the value of external peer review and internal audit to insurance fraud detection and risk management.

Chris Mathers, keynote speaker and best-selling author or the non-fiction book, Crime School: Money Laundering, brought his expertise as a crime and risk consultant to his presentation on what actuaries should know about data gathering, cybercrime, and privacy laws. Mr. Mathers also examined trends in personal information gathering by insurance (life and P&C) companies and the safeguards that companies should use to store this information.

Mr. Mathers’ thoughts on crime risk included the following:

  • Criminals take advantage of human nature.
  • There is no new crime, just new ways of doing crime.
  • Cybercrime is the number one national threat to Canada, ahead of terrorism, espionage, and weapons of mass destruction.
  • Wouldn’t it be cool if actuaries had a time machine?
  • Government is not tracking us. Businesses, banks, mobile providers, apps, social media, and employers all do.
  • If you have an opinion on something, share it with your friends, don’t put it online—it’s a dumb idea.

Actuarial Evidence Seminar

 Delegates at the 2016 Actuarial Evidence Seminar.

Over 50 people attended the Actuarial Evidence Seminar, also held in Toronto. Speakers discussed numerous issues, including the new Ontario auto insurance regulations, the methods to project the educational attainment of minors, inflation in the cost of healthcare, the draft standards on use of models, and tax adjustment calculations in Ontario marital breakdown.

Chris Bentley, former Attorney General of Ontario presented at an AE session called Innovation and the Actuary – Towards a 21st-Century Justice System. "I have no clue what actuaries do," he said. "But don’t think that people who don’t know anything about actuaries have no influence on your work. I’m the Bill-133 guy." Among other things, Bill-133 covered regulation of pension division and valuation provisions in Ontario’s Family Statute Law Amendment Act, 2009.

The Committee on Continuing Education, chaired by Jeremy Bell, continues to plan top-notch programming for CIA members each year through the AE and AA Seminar, the Pension and Investment Seminars, the Annual Meeting (which is in Québec City next June), and regular webcasts. The committee and CIA staff greatly appreciate members’ support and attendance at CIA events.

In 2017, the Seminar for the Appointed Actuary will take place in Montréal. Stay tuned for information on the 2017 Actuarial Evidence Seminar.


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