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April 2014

April's Updates

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The nomination of Marie-Hélène Malenfant as Vice-chair of the Member Services Council has been approved, effective immediately.

Eligibility and Education Council

The following people have been appointed to the committees/task forces named below:

  • Eligibility: Maxime-Frédéric Brochu-Leclair (Chair), effective July 1, 2014;
  • 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting Celebration: Deborah McMillan, effective immediately;
  • Accreditation: Bruce Jones and Bruno Gagnon, re-appointed, effective July 1, 2014; Patrick Kavanagh and Rachit Agarwal, effective immediately; and
  • Academic Relations: Mathieu Boudreault re-appointed for one year as chair, effective immediately; Frédérick Guillot, effective immediately.

For information only:

Michel Trudeau resigned from the CIA Exam 6-Canada Syllabus Committee.

Luc Bergeron and Frédéric Jacques completed their terms on, and Alanna Rand resigned from, the ILA and FIN/INV Exam Committees for the 2014 Practice Education Course, and leave with thanks.

Lynn Grenier-Lew completed her term on the Task Force on the 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting Celebration, and leaves with thanks.

Member Services Council

The following people have been appointed to the groups named below, effective April 1, 2014:

  • Research Committee: Scott McManus;
  • Pension Experience Subcommittee: Scott McManus (Chair); and
  • P&C Research Subcommittee: Frédérick Guillot.

The MSC has approved the creation of a Committee on Public Positions with the following mandate:

The committee is charged with the review and approval of all public positions of the Institute, pursuant to the Policy on the Approval of Administrative Policies and Public Positions. Public positions do not include material covered under the Policy on the Approval Process for International Submissions, the Policy on Due Process for the Approval of Guidance Material other than Standards of Practice (e.g., educational notes), or committee or task force reports, or research reports. These documents could, however, serve as the basis for an Institute public position.

The committee shall normally be composed of 10–15 experienced CIA volunteers, and include multiple members from each major practice area. The CIA President shall automatically be appointed as a member of the committee. Not all members of the committee will necessarily be involved in the approval of each public position. However, the President, or his or her delegate, shall normally review all public positions prior to their release.

For information only:

Kim Young completed his mandate as Chair of the Pension Experience Subcommittee, effective April 1, 2014.



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