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Capitol News
On March 31 the California Legislature passed SB 3 (Leno; D-San Francisco) that will increase the minimum wage in California to $15 per hour by 2022. Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill on April 4, making California the first state to commit to a $15 minimum wage.
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The Specialty Crops Inspection Division of U.S Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Marketing Service is proposing to increase inspection fees effective October 1, 2016.
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Downey Brand LLP
CLFP conducted its Second Annual Washington, D.C. Fly-In, March 15-17. A delegation of CLFP members representing Morning Star Packing Company, Horizon Nut, Olam Spices & Vegetable Ingredients, Ingomar Packing Company, Pacific Coast Producers and Campbell Soup Company met with the California Central Valley Congressional delegation on issues relating to water, trade and food labeling.
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Inventories of U.S. processed tomato products are just over 9.5 million tons, stated on a raw product equivalent basis, as of March 1, 2016, according to a report recently released by the California League of Food Processors. Inventory is up 22% from prior year levels. Apparent disappearance of tomato stocks decreased 6%, totaling approximately 10.2 million tons during the nine month period of June 1, 2015 to March 1, 2016, as compared to the prior reporting period.
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From its headquarters located in Italy and Spain, CTI FoodTech, the Italian manufacturer of industrial food processing equipment specializing in peach pitting machinery, has managed in just a few short years to gain a large market share of peach pitter sales globally, in fact positioning itself only second in the ranking of peach pitters manufacturers for the number of units operational.
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Food Processing Expo 2017 will be held Feb. 8-9 at the Sacramento Convention Center, a week earlier than it is normally held. The Expo represents the largest gathering of food processors in California.
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New Members
Ag World Support Systems LLC (AWSS) is a private, independent, third-party inspection company serving the raw product needs of the North American processing industry. The primary focus of Ag World is to provide inspection services that generate accurate information used to determine grower payment. Inspections by Ag World also generate data used to help growers with the growing, harvest, and storage of raw product and aid processors in optimal line management.
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NRG Curtailment Solutions, Inc. (NRGCS) is a leading demand response provider across the United States and Canada, specializing in customized programs that advance the energy objectives of commercial and industrial companies.
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Panasonic manufactures ruggedized tablets and handheld devices that can be used for farming, food processing, and warehousing businesses. In addition, Panasonic provides security camera and surveillance solutions for many industries.
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Ramos Oil Co., Inc.- For all your fuels, oils, lubes and greases. Also Ramos Environmental Services.
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Manufactures stainless process vessels. ASME, UL, DOT, 3A and National Board Certified
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Strategic Economic Development Corporation (SEDCOR) is the lead economic development organization for the Mid-Willamette Valley, Oregon's strongest food manufacturing and distribution region with a prime location on Interstate 5 between California and Washington. SEDCOR leverages powerful public and private partnerships to aggressively build high value jobs and capital investment.
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