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Feature Column
The Tax Foundation recently released a report that compares various aspects of the tax burden between the states. The report includes data on corporate and individual income taxes, property taxes, unemployment insurance taxes, and other taxes and fees.
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An upcoming conference will focus on water conservation in the agriculture and food processing sectors. The Blue Tech Valley Water Conference will be held May 1 & 2 at the Clovis Veterans Memorial Building in Clovis, Calif. The purpose of the conference is to present and discuss new innovations, developments, and trends relating to water issues in the food industry.
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Capitol News
Before leaving for spring break on Friday, March 22, legislators amended 194 bills. When they return from Spring Break on Monday, April 1, policy committees will be running at full steam, with only four weeks to review fiscal bills and five weeks to review non-fiscal bills.
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Regulatory Insights
Given that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is in the early stages of developing strategies to further reduce emissions from mobile agricultural equipment, CARB staff held a set of public workshops to discuss strategies for reducing emissions from in-use off-road diesel mobile agricultural equipment such as tractors, combines and harvesters with engines greater than 25 horsepower in the San Joaquin Valley.
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Konica Minolta, Sensing Americas, Inc
Garlic was introduced into the United States in the 1700s, but its popularity did not begin to increase until the 1920s. Garlic is thought to have originated in the regions of central Asia and historically was used for medicinal purposes. Today, garlic is valued more for its flavoring and used in a wide variety of foods, although it is often still thought to possess medicinal qualities.
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