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Feature Column
Article written by Allan Bedwell, URS Corporation
Now is the time for California food processors to prepare to minimize their costs as the state implements its greenhouse gas cap-and-trade rules, also known as AB 32. Why now? This summer the California Air Resources Board (CARB) makes a series of AB 32 compliance and carbon allowance allocation decisions for food processors that will lock in facility carbon emission reduction targets for the next eight years.
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Capitol News
May and June are busy months in the Legislature as both the Assembly and Senate have to meet legislative deadlines to pass bills out of policy and fiscal committees and out of their respective houses.
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On May 29, the California State Assembly passed AB 1532, authored by John A. Pérez, 47-26, in favor of creating a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Account. The bill requires the monies generated from the Cap-and-Trade program are spent pursuant to the precepts contained in AB 32. However, the bill doesn’t provide precise spending targets.
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On May 23, the Assembly Subcommittee No. 3 on Resources and Transportation approved Trailer Bill Language dealing with state budget recommendations regarding AB 32 auction funds.
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Regulatory Insights
On May 24, CARB held a "public consultation" to elicit, from industry and the public, ideas on how best to spend auction revenues. A "public consultation" should not be confused with a workshop and is not considered part of the record for CARB.
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The National Consumers League (NCL) filed a formal complaint with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on May 10 regarding the NuVal nutritional scoring system that is being used by some retail grocery chains to provide information to consumers.
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USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service recently released its 2010 Pesticide Data Program Annual Summary. The purpose of the report is to provide the complete results of a nationwide testing program of processed and fresh fruits and vegetables, grain and other agricultural products.
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Amongst the earliest processed foods in California were acorns and pine nuts by the Native Americans up to 4,000 years ago.


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