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Feature Column
Article by Paula Hansen, Antea Group USA
Sustainability relates to the behavior of an organization with respect to its impacts on society and the environment. Sustainability in the context of the food industry encompasses economic viability and community/social impacts of the enterprise, along with sound use of resources including water, land, and energy to grow and process food products at rates, quality and cost that are supportable over time.
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Capitol News
CLFP staff has been reviewing the thousands of new bills introduced in the Legislature in January and February. The legislative policy committees have begun holding hearings on these measures and CLFP will be taking positions and weighing in on measures impacting the food processing industry. Some of the key legislative issues CLFP is currently actively engaged include:
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Regulatory Insights
The California Institute of Food and Agriculture Research (CIFAR) at the University of California, Davis is offering free access to U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) technical support services. The DOE Best Practices program is designed to offer detailed on-site Energy Systems Assessments (ESA’s) conducted by DOE qualified specialists. These are rigorous evaluations that help facilities identify potential cost effective energy savings. A number of food processors have requested ESA’s in recent years and have been very satisfied with the expertise of the engineers and the information obtained from the process, and the potential energy savings identified by the assessments. Currently CIFAR is offering the free ESA’s to the food industry for the following systems:
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Legislation enacted in 2008 (SBX2 1) required the State Water Board to prepare a report to improve the understanding of nitrate contamination in groundwater and to identify potential options to address what is perceived to be a growing public health problem. The State Water Board contracted with the Center for Watershed Studies at U.C. Davis to collect the data and conduct the analysis, focusing the project on the Tulare Lake Basin and Monterey County. The researchers issued the final report on March 15 and presented their findings to the Board.
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The March 27 hearing by Senate Select Committee on the Environment, the Economy, and Climate Change was originally proposed to be a good hard look at the nature of the funds being collected from industry by way of the cap-and-trade. As the sale of the allocations is expected to bring in up to $3 billion in the first year alone, preliminary legal questions aside (such as the California Air Resources Board's (CARB) authority to collect such sums), the current issue crying out for examination is the application of Sinclair Paint vs. The Board of Equalization (Sinclair Paint). This was to be the hearing to address this issue.
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In 1919, total CLFP member dues income from 40 members was $14,175 per year and expenses were $1,000 per month.
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