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July 21, 2022

The CLFP Board of Directors has selected Trudi Hughes to be the new President & CEO of the organization. Trudi is the first woman to serve as CLFP's President.

Trudi has served as CLFP's Government Affairs Director since 2010 and has been CLFP’s point person in the legislature. Trudi has almost 30 years of government affairs experience. Prior to CLFP, she was a Senior Public Affairs Manager at Walmart, Policy Advocate at the California Chamber of Commerce, and worked as a legislative staff at the Capitol.

Trudi succeeds Rob Neenan who is retiring after 15 years at CLFP.  

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Public Policy
Assembly Bill 5 (Gonzales), signed into law in 2019, created new requirements regarding how workers should be classified as employees or independent contractors.  Effective January 2020, the Bill created a new “ABC Test” where a worker is considered an employee and not an independent contractor, unless the hiring entity meets all three conditions:
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Food processors are switching to Miura boilers for easier operation and routine maintenance, outstanding reliability and efficiency, green features, and safety. Compactly-designed, Made in America Miura boilers feature “full steam in less than 5 minutes from a cold start,” reducing energy costs and  allowing users to turn boilers off/on quickly according to load demand.
The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has issued the Agency’s draft proposal for meeting ambitious long-term greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions and a “net-zero” carbon economy by 2045. To meet these goals the 2023 Scoping Plan will rely on technologies such as carbon capture, new fuels such as hydrogen, and electrifying vehicles, homes, and businesses. Although the food processing industry accounts for less than one percent of statewide GHG emissions, companies in the cap-and-trade program may incur significant compliance costs under the Plan. CLFP filed extensive comments with CARB, and recommended the following general policy goals be incorporated into the Plan:
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Capitol News
The California Legislature began its summer recess on July 1 and will be returning on August 1, 2022. In the final days before the Legislature left for summer break, a compromise on a circular economy policy for California was reached.

After years of negotiation, the compromise bill, SB 54 (Allen), passed both houses of the Legislature with bipartisan support and was signed by the Governor. The bill was supported by a wide mix of stakeholders, including environmental groups, industry advocates, local governments and agriculture.

After the legislation passed, the pending plastics initiative — the California Plastic Waste Reduction Regulations Initiative — which was slated to appear on the November ballot, was pulled from the ballot by the three ballot proponents. The initiative had proposed a new tax of up to $0.01 on every piece of single-use plastic packaging and foodware sold in California.

CLFP took no position on the final version of SB 54, but believes that the current legislative approach offers far more long-term policy certainty than was proposed in the ballot measure.
Contact CLFP staff Trudi Hughes with any questions.

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Torino Fungicide, containing the novel active ingredient CYFLUFENAMID, offers cucurbit, grape, strawberry, fruiting vegetable, cherry, and pome fruit growers a novel mode of action for the prevention of powdery mildew. Torino has shown activity on all strains of powdery mildew, including those known to be resistant to DMI's, aminopyrimidines, strobilurins, morpholines, anilinopyrimidines, and MBC's.  Torino is the only Group U6 fungicide classified by FRAC (Fungicide Resistance Action Committee).
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Industry News
As rising gas and food prices cause US consumers’ confidence and short-term outlook for the economy to plunge, some are shifting their spending habits and the blame from the pandemic to ongoing supply chain costs, constraints and related government policies, according to The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index and the Consumer Brands Association.
The state’s Department of Water Resources announced financial support to four separate drought relief projects as part of the Small Community Drought Relief Program.
As food processors aspire to implement the latest technology and digitization, what is preventing cyber-criminals from ruining everything?
Food Manufacturing
In the push to address climate change, many food manufacturers are setting goals of net-zero emissions by 2040.
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New Members
Improve food safety, avoid recalls, and protect your brand. Bunting’s magnetic separation and metal detection systems inspect meat, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, and granular material and can be installed within every stage of food production lines. The more safeguards the better, as we strive for the purest food products possible. Safety and efficiency are equally important to food processors. Bunting’s magnetic conveyors are game changers in canning, capable of quickly moving large volumes of canned goods in many directions. Modern magnetic science meets inventive engineering. Bunting’s custom-designed conveyors are built to suit food processing needs.
California Bank of Commerce is a regional business bank, HQ'd in the Bay Area, serving many industries including food and agriculture. Companies served are typically privately, family or closely held entities seeking the capabilities of a national bank combined with the service and attention synonymous with a local bank. Through its Food and Beverage Practice Group, the Bank is ideally positioned to serve the specialized needs of the food processing industry.
CFM offers new and used food processing and packaging equipment. Customer service is always a priority, along with affordable prices and a huge selection. Contact us today for all your equipment needs.
Over 40 years of experience serving the food, beverage, chemical, coatings, dairy and related industries with a hands-on approach focusing on filling, closing, conveying, labeling, case packing and palletizing systems. From one machine or complete lines we understand what it takes to build, commission, and maintain production machinery. “System Integration is Key”. Beyond our line of packaging machinery, Dyetech Equipment Group, Inc. provides services such as conceptual line layout assistance, project planning, installation and asset recovery. For more in-depth information we invite you to visit our website.
Murzan Inc. manufactures a range of CIP capable pumps and systems. Able to run dry without damage, they provide a hygienic, low maintenance means of transferring viscous products, shear sensitive liquids, and fragile particles. Exceptional in suction lift, they provide an effective means of unloading drums, mixing bowls, and IBC(s).
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R.F. MacDonald Co. is your complete boiler and pump solutions provider. We offer sales, service, repair, parts, maintenance and training to keep your equipment in top operating condition. Our Engineering team and factory-trained ASME-code certified technicians are available throughout California and Nevada 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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OneVision Corporation manufactures double seam inspection and weighing equipment for the food and beverage canning industry. Our SeamMate Systems provide precise double seam measurements combined with easy-to-use process information to help control your canning production. Our immediate measurement information, data reporting and predictive trending help you ensure product quality.
TM Process & Controls, Inc. is a full-service design-build company that provides custom process and automation solutions to the food and beverage manufacturing industry. Our employees’ technical design and hands-on field experience has developed, executed, and commissioned technical solutions throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean. Our technical expertise and variety of services provide an all-inclusive, design-build experience. We take pride in our product, and complete projects to exceed customer expectation.
For over 25 years, we have prided ourselves on being one-of-a-kind in the material-handling industry. Our mission has, and will always be, to satisfy the needs of our customers. We are committed to deliver, develop, and manufacture quality products, such as plastic pallets and bins, based on our customers’ expectations.


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