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January 22, 2020
Food Processing Expo 2020 provides an opportunity for food producers to grow their business, make them operate as efficiently as possible and learn about new regulations affecting the food processing industry. The Expo will be held in a new location this year, February 12-13, at the Santa Clara Convention Center. See you there!
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Better Yields From The Fields
Harvest Blade and Supply, Inc.
Harvest Blade and Supply is a provider to the food processing and food packaging industries offering industrial blade re-sharpening, refurbishing and Blade resale services that assists customers in reducing expenses and increasing production yields.
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Capitol News
The California Legislature reconvened on January 6 for the second half of the biennial session, during which CLFP will continue to work diligently to address bills and issues affecting California’s food processing industry, including bills related to packaging, energy, labor and more.
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Feature Column
The 3rd annual Sacramento Farm Day will be held on March 20 by the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom (CFAITC). The event is an engaging and educational day designed to create a farm experience that many students would not typically have.
Industry News
Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed a number of bills that will affect California employers in 2020. Most significantly, the new laws codified the ABC test for independent contractors, clarified sexual harassment training requirements and deadlines for employers, and created stricter enforcement of employment arbitration agreements.
A new trade deal will likely increase U.S. farm exports to China, but some agricultural experts are wary about the long-term effects.The deal, signed Jan. 15, requires China to buy an additional $200 billion worth of American goods over the next two years. About $32 billion of that will be agricultural goods, 
Upcyclers, those food and ingredient manufacturers who incorporate food waste into products, have formed the Upcycled Food Association. Launched in October 2019, the nascent group’s goal is to develop a formal definition of upcycling and advocate for policies that will inform consumers and accelerate marketplace acceptance of finished products and ingredients.
No One Likes a Product Recall
Rubber Fab
Our Detectomer┬« products are a line of metal detectable/x-ray inspectable elastomeric seals designed to work with any existing conveyor, pipe line or free fall detection system. Detectomer┬« products can be spotted by in-line x-ray inspection and metal detection systems as well as magnetic separators.
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New Members
Helping You Stay Compliant. We bring industry experience, training and a service-oriented approach to your business, working closely with you to solve the most difficult challenges. AFCO's sanitation experts will partner with you to help improve your food quality and safety programs, train your team members on safe and effective sanitation procedures, and help you stay compliant with the ever-changing regulatory environment and customer audit mandates. Advanced Solutions, Focused Expertise, Superior Service, InfoBase & Online Training, Water Treatment.
Chandler Automation is the "wedding planner" of factory automation. From the product drop off to the stretch wrapped pallet loaded onto the truck, we offer the latest technology in processing and packaging machinery. We have proven to decrease labor costs at least 75% by upgrading and implementing systems that increase efficiency and volume simultaneously. Think high speed electronic sorting, think metal detection and x-ray equipment. Imagine scales that have precision to 1/10th of a gram. Machines that can bag, box, and even stack those heavy boxes on the pallet instead of employees. The future is here, and we offer the design, engineering and implementation of the new state of the art facility your company has been dreaming of. Contact us today to see how we can help you automate today!
LAUFER Valve Technology Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LIAG® (Germany). We supply North America with the world's only actual hygienic, low-maintenance shutoff, control and divert valves. Prevent bacterial accumulation, weekly/monthly teardowns, production line downtime, and product waste with our full line of LIAG® products and spare parts: hygienic, piggable, full-bore, multi-port shutter valves (arc valves); pig diverting valves; and product recovery (pigging) systems. All valves and product recovery systems are 3-A compliant, EHEDG tested for cleanability, CIP/SIP-able, and CRN registered.
Brooms, brushes, mops and squeegees, made in America specifically for Food Processing.
QCS Purchasing is a member-owned not-for-profit buying group for companies engaged in food and beverage production. By aggregating purchases of common supplies, QCS Purchasing provides members with access to high-quality goods and services at the lowest possible total cost.
Sol Systems is a leading, national solar energy firm, offering commercial, municipal, and educational customers, and competitive and compelling renewable energy solutions. As businesses, cities, and schools increasingly transition into more sustainable, resilient and low-cost energy, Sol focuses on delivering a comprehensive and integrated suite of renewable energy and storage solutions.
Established in 1983, Therm-x takes pride in delivering thermal solutions incorporating our vertical integration capabilities including; Thermal Design and Test, CNC Machining, Metal Joining, Sheet Metal Manufacturing and Integration of these disciplines with Electro Mechanical Assembly. Therm-x has become a leader in Advanced Temperature and Process Control Systems for the Hi-Technology industries. We continue to develop advanced staffing, tools for design and analysis of customer requirements as well as sophisticated manufacturing capabilities to support design, production, test and delivery of temperature and process control systems. Markets served include Semiconductor and Electronics equipment, Alternative Energy, Medical/Biotech, Defense/Aerospace, Petrochemical, and Food/beverage. Cutting-edge manufacturing and advanced engineering capabilities allow us to support the evolving and unique temperature management needs of clients who envision innovative process solutions.


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