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February 13, 2017
CLFP's Food Processing Expo 2017 was a huge success with more than 2,500 participants in the two-day event held February 8-9 at the Sacramento Convention Center.
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Feature Column
The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), trade with China and proposed new multilateral trade agreements have been the focus of much policy discussion in Washington, D.C., in recent months. International trade is very important to the food industry in California and in the U.S.
Capitol News
The California Legislature is busy introducing new legislation for the 2017-18 legislative session. The deadline to introduce new bills is February 17. CLFP staff is reviewing these bills and determining which measures will impact the food processing industry in California.
Mark your calendars to attend the Seventh Annual Chapman Phytosanitary Irradiation Forum on March 21-22, 2017 at Chapman University in Orange, California.
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New Members
We are AKT Peerless, and we are environmental consultants, building scientists and redevelopment experts who are proud to help build sustainable communities. We provide environmental, energy, sustainability, economic incentives, and construction loan services tailored to our clients. We solve problems and deliver value, and we succeed because our clients succeed.
Austin has been recognized as an innovative leader in providing site location, design, engineering and construction services for food processing and consumer products facilities. Our global experience includes production and packaging plants, automated distribution and bulk storage warehouses, research laboratories and operations centers.
For more than 40 years, Clarion Lubricants has delivered one of the industry's broadest line of safe, protective lubricants, including food grade, environmental and synthetic grade formulations that contribute to a more sustainable future. Clarion Lubricants is taking the lead a complete line of lubricants designed to maximize the safety and sustainability of your business.
ImMODO Energy Services is a premier supplier pf renewable energy specializing in solar for the commercial, industrial and agriculture industries. ImMODO has built over 43 megawatts of power in California's central valley as well as instillation on five continents throughout the world. ImMODO has built projects for some of the biggest investors and it guarantees that every client will receive the same quality products and services as its largest clients.
At ROAM we specialize in the repair, refurbishment. and re-manufacture of used ISO Tanks as well as the design and construction of new spec ISO Tanks. We can create custom ISO Tanks for process, storage, and transportation. Roam also offers Flexitank container.
SAMSON manufactures high-quality control valves for sanitary, steam, cryogenic and utility process. Our mirror polished hygienic and aseptic valves are capable of CIP/SIP processes. As a subsidiary of SAMSON AG, SAMSON Controls provides local manufacturing, assemblage, automation, support and repair to our customers across North America. Visit for more information.
Telesense offers highly optimized solutions for saving labor costs and automating regulatory compliance for food safety. Telesense provides complete temperature monitoring solution for food processing including commercial cooking, tempering, cold-storage and transportation. The wireless solution installs in minutes and automatically generates alerts and reports, ensuring food safety and reducing operational expenses.


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