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October 6, 2016
Food Processing Expo 2017 will feature two CLFP in-depth specialty workshops on Feb. 7 that should be of great interest to all food processors.
CLFP and PG&E will hold a Energy Efficiency and Resources Workshop for Food Processors on Tuesday, November 15, at the Fresno Farm Bureau in Fresno.
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Capitol News
California Governor Jerry Brown had until September 30 to sign or veto bills that were sent to him by the California Legislature. While CLFP was successful in keeping several onerous bills off the Governor's desk by defeating them in the Legislature, some key measures were passed and signed into law. These measures will take effect January 2017.
Industry News
With over a century of providing food safety and quality services to the dried fruit and tree nut industry, DFA of California is expanding its services by forming an additional business segment, Safe Food Alliance. This expansion is expected to increase the non-profit organization's leadership position as a premier food safety provider of accredited laboratory testing and analysis, training and consulting and certification audits, while also increasing the scope to include a wider variety of food industry sectors.
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New Members
Bryant Christie Inc. helps companies and organizations to open, access and expand international markets in the agricultural, food and beverage sectors. See our website for a full menu of our products and services.
Hayesco Inc. is a waterproofing and insulation contractor specializing in meeting the needs of the Food Processing industry. Epoxy and Urethane floor systems. Acrylic and Urethane Roof systems. Insulation for your cold storage, sealing fumigation rooms and clean rooms.
Mansfield assists commercial, industrial, and governmental customers to simplify their natural gas procurement and management. We provide competitive pricing, risk management, structured products and peaking solutions. Whether you are seeking basic natural gas commodity pricing or complete solutions to complex natural gas purchasing, management, and reporting - Mansfield can meet your natural gas needs.
Probiotic Solutions wastewater bioremediation products stimulate microbial activity DO levels and reduce sludge., noxious odors, BOD/COD/FOG levels as well as electrical and chemical costs. Our proprietary Micro Carbon Technology provides a nutrient carrier of nano-sized organic molecules that enables more effective nutrient absorption by microorganisms.
Regulatory Insights
For the first time, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) discussed significant amendments to the Cap-and-Trade program when it reviewed CARB staff's recommendations at a September 22nd meeting. There was a mix of opinions from commenters on the draft regulation, including significant criticism from the environmental justice community calling for the elimination of the trade portion of Cap-and-Trade.


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