California Legislature in Full Swing with Policy Committee Hearings

Policy committee hearings for proposed bills in the California legislature began in mid-March and will continue through May. The deadline for fiscal bills is the end of April and for non-fiscal bills May 3. Thousands of bills need to go through this process. Almost all bills are being amended at various points before or during or after policy committee.

As previously reported CLFP is tracking some 180 bills that could affect California’s food processing industry and is working with a variety of industry coalitions to address these bills.These bills involve a wide range of industry issues including: labor and employment with bills that could expand employer mandates and bills regarding workforce development; energy, including requirements that could raise rates; toxic issues related to the green chemistry initiative; solid waste/recycling mandates; wildfires; and water.

The CLFP Legislative Affairs Committee holds conference calls twice a month to review legislative issues affecting California’s food processing industry.

For more information, contact Trudi Hughes.

California League Of Food Producers