CLFP Launches New Food Processing Expo Website and Logo for 2018

CLFP recently rolled out a new logo for the Food Processing Expo, to be held Feb. 21 & 22, 2018, in Sacramento, and will soon launch a new Expo website at (check periodically for the new 2018 site). Expo booth sales will become open to the general public on Monday, June 19. For more information about the Expo and booth sales, contact CLFP’s Trade Show and Meeting Manager Julie Wallner.

Later this month, CLFP also will officially launch its new logo and name – the California League of Food Producers – and a new CLFP website. Please contact CLFP Marketing and Communications Director Lisa Jager if you are a CLFP member and utilize either the Expo or CLFP logo on your website and/or any marketing materials and need to obtain the new logos. 

California League Of Food Producers