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Food Processing Industry Consultation Invitation

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2014-2025 CPUC California Statewide Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan, 
and CEC Industrial Energy Efficiency Research Roadmap
Food Processing Industry Consultation Invitation

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) needs industry’s help in updating the industrial chapter of the Statewide Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan and in developing an Industrial Action Plan to meet the strategic goals identified in the plan. Your involvement in this process will help ensure that the strategies and programs developed will help empower industry to improve its efficient use of energy.

CPUC staff and their consultants are meeting with a limited number of industry leaders to:
  1. Hear directly from you concerning the competitive issues your company faces and understand if how you manage energy plays a key role in those issues, 

  2. Work with you to identify and prioritize strategies that help you better manage energy,

  3. Involve you in developing the teams that will drive action toward these strategies.  
We anticipate that the Strategic and Action plans will be published in mid-2015. 

The California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan, written in 2008, includes three broad goals for the Industrial sector. However, without supporting actions and champions, these goals remain largely unrealized. In recognition, Commission staff is reviewing the Strategic Plan and developing an Industrial Action Plan. A major outcome of the Action Plan will be to determine the resource commitments, both public and private, necessary to achieve the key near-term actions identified, as well as the champions who will lead these actions.

Meeting Date and Location
November 12, 2014
9 a.m.-2 p.m.
PG&E Training Center
1129 Enterprise Street, Stockton
Key topics and questions to be discussed include:
  1. Trends that are driving the industrial sector now—what is impacting your company’s ability to be competitive today?

  2. The role that energy plays in maintaining your competitiveness now—how are you managing energy today. Topics can include: energy efficiency, renewable energy, demand response, combined heat and power, or other technologies. 

  3. Barriers to improve how you manage energy—what is stopping your company from doing more now? What is not working?

  4. Future opportunities for you to manage energy—what technologies or approaches are coming that you could capitalize on?

  5. Future barriers to how you manage energy—what things are coming that could stop you from better managing energy?
Following the workshop, an optional lunch will be provided and energy efficiency and renewable energy experts, as well as CPUC and utility staff, will be on-hand to answer any questions you may have about currently available programs.

California Energy Commission Afternoon Session
After lunch, the California Energy Commission (CEC) staff will continue the discussion as they are updating their Energy Efficiency Research Roadmap for the Industrial and Agricultural Sectors. CEC staff is seeking input from food processors regarding the industry’s long-term energy research needs, and how CEC can best deliver services to CLFP members. It is important food processors provide their input into the development of the Roadmap to ensure that CEC programs are headed in the right direction.

CLFP members are encouraged to participate. If you have any questions about the workshop, please feel free to contact Rob Neenan, or the following meeting organizers:

Sergio Dias 
Consultant to the CPUC
(541) 752-9625
Rory Cox 
CPUC Program Manager
(415) 703-1093


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