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The eTRIP Rule

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Rule 9410: Employer Based Trip Reduction

The eTRIP rule requires employers with 100 or more eligible employees at a worksite to establish employee trip-reduction programs. These programs are designed to encourage employees to reduce single-occupancy vehicle trips, thus reducing pollutant emissions associated with work-related commutes.

The most recent deadline for eligible employers was January 1, 2013, requiring employers to begin implementing the second phase of their Employer Trip Reduction Implementation Plan (eTRIP). Worksites that are subject to the eTRIP rule (Rule 9410) must be able to demonstrate compliance with their submitted eTRIP plan by keeping documentation on site.

As an eligible employer, the Phase II portion of your plan should have been submitted to the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District by September 1, 2012. Phase II eTRIP measures focus on Services and Facilities Strategies to aid employees in choosing to use either ridesharing or some other alternative transportation.

(If you have not yet submitted the Phase II portion of your eTRIP to the District, you should do so immediately. For assistance, please contact the District’s Small Business Assistance by phone at (559) 230-6000 or by email at

To assist with the eTRIP requirements, the District has developed an online eTRIP submittal and management tool available on the District’s website. In addition, the District has posted an eTRIP Measures Resource and Guidance Manual to assist employers in complying with the eTRIP Rule. The Manual will help employers determine which eTRIP measures are appropriate for their worksites. This manual is also located at

For more information on the eTRIP rule or assistance with implementing your plan, please visit or contact the eTRIP Rule Small Business Assistance office by email at or by phone at (559) 230-6000.

In addition to requirements of the eTRIP Rule, employers might be interested in implementing operational measures that can aid in reducing emissions. The District can provide help in evaluating and putting any ideas you may have into action. Additionally, there is an opportunity to become a Healthy Air Living Partner. Becoming a Healthy Air Living Partner can also assist employers in complying with the requirements of the eTRIP Rule. To request Healthy Air Living Partner information, please email your contact information to

Although there are several regional trip reduction programs in existence in California, the District developed Rule 9410 to try and meet Valley employers' need for flexibility in adopting a suitable trip reduction program that took into account the diversity of employment and transit limitations unique to the Valley.

The rule was designed to assure that each employer has sufficient options for rule compliance, and employer programs will help employees choose to use ridesharing and alternative transportation to the greatest degree possible. In other words, Rule 9410 is tailored specifically for the Valley, providing, what the Air District hopes, is a straight-forward and attainable approach for Valley employers as compared to South Coast Rule 2202’s mandated participation levels and fees.

Article contributed by John Larrea, Government Affairs Director


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