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New year, new legislative session in California

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With the new year comes a new Legislative Session in California. On Jan. 4, 2012, the Legislature will convene the second year of a 2-year session. The vast majority of the 2,719 bills introduced in 2011 were held over as "2-year bills" and will be taken up in January of 2012. It is anticipated that the Legislature will introduce at least 1,500 more bills in 2012 in addition to those that were held over from 2011. Needless to say, it will be a busy year.

The League tracked more than 100 bills last year and actively lobbied over 20 bills that would have a direct impact on the food processing industry. Many of these bills were held over as 2-year bills and will be taken up in January. We anticipate revisiting many controversial issues, including a proposed gas tax, an increase in the minimum wage, Cal-OSHA Appeals Board reform, product labeling, state and regional water board reform, CARB regulatory reform, and an extension of the Public Goods Charge.

There are several factors that will make the 2012 Legislative Session politically unique. Perhaps one of the most significant factors of 2012 is that it is an election year where almost everything is up in the air. With the work of the newly constituted redistricting commission complete, California will have new assembly, senate and congressional districts that, for the first time, have not been drawn by Sacramento politicians. The only thing that remains to be seen is if the maps that have been drawn up will be used for the 2012 elections. Due to legal challenges, there is a real possibility that the California Supreme Court will redraw the State Senate district map for at least the 2012 election cycle. In addition, we also have a new system for electing our elected officials which allows the top two vote getters from the primary to advance to the general election; which means that a number of "safe seats" will be in play in both the primary and the general election.

In addition, the state budget will continue to be a major issue and will consume much of the Legislature’s focus. With California facing an enormous projected on-going budget deficit of $13 billion by the end of June 2012, there will be several ballot measures expected for the November 2012 ballot calling for different proposals to increase state revenues. Several competing ballot measures have been filed proposing to increase taxes on services, personal income, commercial property, sales of personal property, corporations, pharmaceuticals, and oil companies.

2012 promises to be a busy and politically intriguing year. CLFP will continue to work hard to promote a favorable business climate for food processors in California by supporting regulatory reform measures and by opposing burdensome regulatory and tax and spend measures.

Article written by Trudi Hughes, Director, Government Affairs


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