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Cal Poly Receives Funding to Address Food Processing Waste/By-products: Opportunity for CLFP Members to Collaborate with Students and the University

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Food waste and the conversion of by-products into commercially viable products are emerging issues in food processing. Cal Poly’s Food Science and Nutrition Department has been awarded a nearly $250,000 grant through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Needs and Postgraduate Fellowship Grants Program to focus on the conversion of agricultural and food waste challenges into opportunities.
The funding will be used over a four-year period to enroll six students in the master’s in agriculture program with a specialization in food science. The students’ coursework will focus on global issues related to agricultural and food waste. This innovative program will support several projects, including but not limited to, how food and agricultural by-products/waste streams can be converted to new products, or into 2nd generation energy. The cross-disciplinary program will involve 11 faculty members from across the university, including food science and nutrition, industrial packaging, animal science and engineering. Food science Professor Stephanie Jung and Associate Professor Amanda Lathrop will oversee the program.

The Cal Poly program will include a mandatory internship with industry partners of a minimum of 10 weeks, during which the students will be paid by the program. Students will receive credits for this internship that will count towards their degree.

This program is intended to work closely with the food industry. Cal Poly is specifically looking for (1) collaborative industry projects, (2) financial participation to support the supplies necessary to perform the research and (3) companies which are interested in hosting the MS students for their 10-week internship.

This will be an excellent opportunity for your company to develop an internal research project at a very low cost, and to connect with a student who could be a great candidate for employment with your company.

If you are interested in being involved in one or more of these opportunities, contact Stephanie Jung at

About the Food Science and Nutrition Department
Cal Poly’s Food Science and Nutrition Department offers a comprehensive education in food science and nutrition, from the development of new foods to the study of how foods impact health, wellness and disease prevention. The department’s on-campus food pantry and cutting-edge laboratories provide top-of-the-line learning opportunities and promote safe, sustainable and nutritious food through partnerships with the food industry.


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