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Admix Launches Enhanced Programs Featuring Flagship Products

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Admix has recently enhanced its programs to set the pace for unsurpassed service in the food processing industry. These value-added services enable food processors to test new ingredients, formulas and applications in a variety of ways for maximum flexibility and cost savings.

Complimentary lab testing of recipes and formulas – For the remainder of 2016, Admix will offer priority scheduling for free lab testing in its fully-equipped test labs. Veteran applications engineers have worked across countless ingredients, applications and processes and will prove the value, efficiency and scalability of Admix mixing technology. Learn more about our lab and manufacturing facilities at

Robust trial program – The extensive Admix trial inventory includes emulsifiers, homogenizers, wet mills, powder induction systems and high shear mixers available for a 14-day trial. With an aggressive Try & Buy incentive, processors are able to apply prorated trial fee credits to final unit prices.

This Admix trio of flagship products has revolutionized food and beverage batching, meets tough hygienic standards and is available for lab testing or through our trial program.

Rotosolver high shear mixer – eliminating fisheyes and clogged injectors
This high speed batch mixer combines innovative design and high shear to completely disperse challenging ingredients in minutes, not hours. Advantages include:
• Lower overall operating costs
• Improved process results 
• Reduced mixer maintenance and downtime
• Energy consumption reduced by up to 30%
The Rotosolver is 3-A compliant and CIP, and completely disperses gums, starches, proteins and other difficult ingredients. It can reduce batch times by up to 70% and increases yields due to less product waste. See for more.

Fastfeed powder induction system – improving process times and operations
For inline powder induction, the Admix Fastfeed delivers controlled feed rates of 450 pounds per minute. This system deagglomerates and hydrates the toughest ingredients with 100% guaranteed dispersion. Batch times are often cut in half, and processors run longer and CIP less frequently as the Fastfeed eliminates burn-on from unmixed ingredients in HTST plate heat exchangers.

The Fastfeed offers operator-friendly features for better ergonomics, as operators add powders from the safety of floor level. Further, dust from dumping powders into open top tanks is eliminated. Learn more at

DynaShear inline emulsifier – designed to run 24/7
The 3-A compliant DynaShear inline mixer delivers smooth product 24/7 and can reduce capital costs and eliminate agglomerates when installed immediately upstream of an HTST balance tank. The DynaShear delivers 100% utilization of functional ingredients, so there is no need for an inline strainer or filter, plus pump, valve, and homogenizer seal/gasket life is extended.

For many applications, the DynaShear works in a single pass, reducing batch times and air entrainment. Designed to run longer and CIP less frequently, DynaShear eliminates mid-day CIP flushes often required to maintain plate heat exchanger efficiency and cleanliness. Plus, its barrier flush seal allows intermittent "running dry" instances common during CIP. Visit for more. 
To learn more about these products and capabilities and how our services can benefit your operations, visit       


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