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Food Processing Expo 2017 – Bigger and Better

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Food Processing Expo 2017 will be bigger and better than ever with additional workshops added for 2017. The Expo will be held Feb. 8-9 in Sacramento and will feature two days packed with hot topic sessions offering something for everyone, whether you are a large established food processor, just getting started or somewhere in between. The Expo also will feature two specialty workshops – HR Recruiting, Development & Management and Food Processing Facility Sanitation, which will both be held on Feb. 7

Many food processing industry leaders make the Expo a must-attend event each year and so should you.  Low registrations rates and the Expo’s central location in the Farm-to-Fork capital of Sacramento are two more reasons to participate, along with an expansive and growing tradeshow floor, packed with state-of-the-art equipment and a wide array of food processing industry products and services. Visit for more information.

Food Processing Expo 2017 Hot Topic Sessions
Wed., Feb. 8
How to get your product certified as organic. The organic industry continues to expand, and our speaker will describe the steps that you need to take to have your products meet the USDA standards and be part of a growing market.
Lawsuits challenging food label claims; are you at risk? Food companies are being sued for using terms like "natural" on their labels. This session will review the latest developments and explain how to protect your brand from costly litigation.
Looking for a co-packer? Tips for finding the right company to help you grow your business. Many processors are looking for qualified co-packers to help them produce products and handle regulatory compliance issues. 
Proposition 65 - what you need to know to avoid costly litigation. With more and more chemicals being the subject of Prop 65 listings and litigations, what are the latest developments and risks for food companies?
Developing and testing new products- where you can find the help you need. Consumers are looking for new and different products, but how can you effectively develop and test new ideas? Learn where to look and what questions to ask.
The Agrian System and the Food Safety Modernization Act. This session will focus on tracking and recording inputs from the farm field to the processor using a supply chain program and the need to have and manage electronic records. 
Thurs., Feb. 9
The Food Additive Database- a useful tool for processors. If you export products, the Food Additive Database is a very useful tool that allows users to compare food additive maximum use levels between countries for similar food types and categories. Learn how to use this tool. 
The application of robots to food processing plant operations. Are there opportunities to speed up your operations and improve efficiency through robots? This session will focus on innovations that can make your plant more productive. 
Cost effective water conservation tips for food processors. Conserving water is necessary for food processors, and experts will provide some cost effective tips based on their work with many food and beverage companies. 
Cyber threats to your business and how to deflect them. Stories about hackers getting into business computers are constantly in the news. Your system is at risk from external and internal threats. Learn how to be proactive and protect your information. 
How to prepare for food safety inspections and audits. Food processing companies can be overwhelmed with food safety audits and inspections. How can your company most efficiently and effectively gather and present information to buyers and regulators about the safety of your processes and products? Developing and implementing effective strategies will be explained.
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