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Geniglace Inc.
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Industry News
he next technical presentation in CDA’s Webinar Series is November 17. Sign up for free!
Share your knowledge and experience at CDA 2021 by contributing to the technical program.
The CDA honoured its members and post-graduate students in a unique video presentation on October 6, 2020.
CDA is seeking a volunteer to serve on an EIC steering committee.
We make monitoring instruments, you make sound decisions
RST Instruments Ltd.
For over 40 years, RST's technologies have enabled iconic infrastructure projects, including ground-breaking dams, tunnels and more. We've grown a reputation for solutions that span the lifecycle of your project, from designing and building to training, installing, inspecting and updating monitoring systems. Our 40,000 square-foot plant has the capacity, the machinery, and the skilled staff to meet long production runs, big orders and tight schedules. That's a legacy worth protecting.
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Knight Piesold Ltd.
Soderholm Maritime Services Inc.
Hydro Component Systems, LLC
Member News
The Engineering Institute of Canada has issued its 2020 Annual Report.
ICOLD 2021 to be held in Marseille, France has issued its Initial Bulletin.

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Dominion Divers
ASI Group Limited
Career Opportunities
Members should know that if they’re looking for work or need to find employees, CDA is a great resource! New postings regularly.
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ShapeArray, deformation capture simplified
Measurand Inc.
Measurand’s unique technology, developed over 25 years, makes ShapeArray the only patented monitoring instrument of its kind. Used for monitoring new dam construction and retrofitting existing structures, the ShapeArray gives you a more complete picture of movement with unparalleled resistance to deformation. This automated, inclinometer-style instrument has set a new standard for ease of installation and data collection.
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Calendar of Professional Development & Training
The next technical presentation in CDA’s Webinar Series is November 17. Sign up for free!
Register now for HYDROVISION International taking place November 17 to 19 as a virtual event.
CDA now listing professional development opportunities from other associations.
Experts in Dam Monitoring
Hoskin Scientific Ltd.®
The new cellular HOBO® MicroRX station uses Onset’s own water level sensor to deliver water level and flow monitoring data to cloud-based HOBOlink software. Respond quickly to alarms triggered at time of measurement for water flow and accumulated rainfall and eliminate complicated manual calculations with pre-programmed water flow formulas. Spend more time focusing on results, and less time on configuration and data access.
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