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Klohn Crippen Berger
Geniglace Inc.
Worthington Products Inc.
Industry News
The deadline for nomination is November 15.
CDA members are encouraged to sign up for ICOLD 2019 mailings so they don’t miss out on important information related to registration, technical sessions and workshops.
If CDA members find themselves in Paris on December 3, they can celebrate ICOLD’s 90th anniversary at the Palais d’Iéna.
INNOVATION in waterpower since 1848
BRAUN Maschinenfabrik GmbH
BRAUN Maschinenfabrik is a Austrian Company with a long tradition in water power. Founded 1848 – always family owned. We produce trash rake cleaning machines and steel components for hydroelectric power plants. The array of product range covers from the classic cable operated machine to the hydraulic telescopic machine, the horizontal version to the mobile and the rotating fully automatic trash cleaning machines.
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Knight Piesold Ltd.
Ecofish Research Ltd.
Hydro Component Systems, LLC
Member News
Vote for CDA Vice President from November 1 to 21.
Jean-Pierre Tournier assumes the role of CDA president for 2018-2019.
CDA paid tribute to industry leaders on October 16 in Quebec City at the annual awards gala.
CDA breaks even in 2017-2018 demonstrating its on solid financial footing for the future.
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Education and Workshops
The DSR Workshop will be held November 26 in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Register soon as space is limited!
Canada’s Forum on Hydropower is being held in Ottawa November 21 and 22.
Hoskin Scientific Ltd.
ASI Group Limited
Career Opportunities
Members should remember that if they’re looking for work or needing to find employees, they should remember that CDA is a great resource! New postings regularly.
Get noticed in the Bulletin quarterly print and digital magazine!
Underwater Acoustics International
C. H. Fenstermaker & Associates, L.L.C.
Because what's underwater can't be overlooked. How technology can reduce risk.
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