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Geniglace Inc.
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Industry News
CDA members are invited to submit comments by February 29, 2016.
Mark your calendars! February 24 is the 1st Annual Global Day of the Engineer.
Delegate registration for the ICOLD 2016 Annual Meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa is now open.
Knight Piesold Ltd.
Ontario Power Generation
Member News
CDA Member Jean-Pierre Tournier is one of four senior award recipients to be honoured by the Engineering Institute of Canada
Members must cast their votes by February 26 on the proposed Vision and Mission Statements as per the by-laws.
Whether you are constantly tweeting or just tweet from time to time, please follow us @CDAACB!
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Education and Workshops
The deadline for abstracts for the 2016 conference has been extended to February 12.
Plan now to attend USSD's 2016 Annual Meeting and Conference in Denver on April 11-15.
Career Opportunities
Employment opportunities in the Canadian dam industry are posted on the CDA website. Check back regularly as job postings change frequently.



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