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The past year was a historic one for the CDA. In June 2019, Canada hosted the international dam community for ICOLD 2019 which saw 1,400 people meet in Ottawa. Four months later, just over 400 people gathered in Calgary for the CDA annual conference. In addition to these two successful events, the CDA can also be proud of the following accomplishments:

This coming year is going to have new challenges for the CDA. In-person activities will be significantly curtailed, and the CDA will have to develop new ways – like on-line learning and networking – to aid the community in these extraordinary times.

Continuing as a corporate or sustaining member has never been more important to the CDA and we hope during these difficult times you will continue to support us by renewing your membership for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

Corporate membership is $500 and sustaining membership is $1,000. Your support is essential for the CDA to continue to help the dam community provide the benefits of safe dams for communities and the environment.

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