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May 2018 / mai 2018

Canadian expertise being shared in Vienna

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CDA is pleased to announce that nine Canadian papers will be part of the 2018 Congress of the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD), being held in Vienna, Austria this July.
Authors include:

A. G. Dell, Mehdi Yousefi – SNC-Lavalin
Richard Donnelly, James Rutherford et al – Hatch 
Richard Donnelly, Jason Shaw et al – Hatch 
Des Hartford – BC Hydro
Soheil Kashi, Raouf E. Baddour – University of Western Ontario
Lee Nikl, Julia Steele et al – Golder Associates
Joshi Prabeen, Harvey McLeod – Klohn Crippen Berger
Marc Smith – Hydro-Québec
Jose Vasquez – Northwest Hydraulic Consultants

Unlike a regular conference, the process for contributing to an ICOLD Congress is quite comprehensive. Papers are solicited by the national bodies of the member countries (in Canada’s case, CDA) and reviewed. Those accepted by CDA’s International Committee were submitted for the upcoming Congress.

Papers responded to one of four "questions".  Each question is assigned a General Reporter who then reviews all the papers in their category.  Each General Reporter will then select a certain number of papers to be presented in Vienna.  At this time, CDA has received confirmation that the authors of two of the nine papers have been asked to present in Vienna: a rare honour.

Congress Topics
The ICOLD World Congress provides the unique opportunity to present and discuss questions on a worldwide perspective. Each Question is introduced by a General Reporter summarizing, highlighting and concluding on the contributions received. Each general report is accompanied by four sessions of two hours on subtopics and related further aspects. Enough time is allocated for discussions and experience exchange.

Attend the Congress to learn the latest approaches to:
Q100 – Reservoir Sedimentation and Sustainable Development
Q101 – Safety and Risk Analysis
Q102 – Geology and Dams
Q103 – Small Dams and Levees

Registration for ICOLD 2018 is available from the ICOLD-CIGB 2018 website, To help you decide, the Final Bulletin (Congress Program) is available for download, in both English and French, from the same website. The Final Bulletin outlines all of the technical and social activities so that you can see how valuable participation in ICOLD 2018 will be.



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