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Naylor Association Solutions
Industry News

We invite you to attend the American Coal Council's 2016 Spring Coal Forum, to be held March 8-10, 2016 as we return to the Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida!

The Spring Coal Forum has been one of the highlights of the coal industry calendar and will attract senior industry executives from companies that produce, supply, transport, ship, trade and consume coal. The program features presentations from coal suppliers, utilities, railroads and energy traders, along with industry-wide perspectives from leading consultants and government representatives.

Register for the 2016 Spring Coal Forum TODAY!!
December 21, 2015

As the end of 2015 approaches, the American Coal Council staff sends greetings of the holiday season and best wishes for a successful New Year. Your support as members and sponsors of the organization is greatly appreciated. It’s hard to believe that ACC is in its 33rd year of service to the coal industry! That longevity is an organizational strength, providing a firm foundation from which we continue engage a broad stakeholder base including the public, media, policy makers and elected officials, and other trade associations. Our extensive publications, communications, and education programs provide an excellent platform for us to inform, educate, and advocate for coal. We value your involvement in the ACC. It is a key factor in leveraging our efforts to the greatest extent possible. ...

Click here to view the full report. You can reach the ACC at 202-756-4540 / info@americancoalcouncil.org.
Registration is open for the 2016 Tomorrows Leadership Council and we have several folks already committed. This program is open to members and non-members, so if you know of good candidates for the program please make them aware of it. There are already well over 110 "graduates" from over 45 companies from the TLC program since it began several years ago. Information and registration is at: www.americancoalcouncil.org/?tlc.

Please also call or email Jason Hayes, ACC Associate Director, with any questions or comments.
On January 28th, 2016, Jason Hayes, Associate Director of the American Coal Council will join Ryan Flynn, Secretary of Environment and the Natural Resources Trustee, State of New Mexico on the US Energy Panel at the 16th Coaltrans USA conference in Miami, FL to discuss "How reliable will the provision of electricity be following the EPA Clean Power Plan?"

The ACC recognizes the importance of an open discussion of key regulatory issues such as these and welcomes the opportunity to meet and network with fellow energy industry professionals.

More information on this event is available on the Coaltrans website.
You are invited to join an exclusive group of American Coal Council (ACC) member companies who have elevated their level of commitment to the ACC through their Annual Sponsorship support. In doing so, these companies have also gained recognition as industry leaders in supporting the ACC’s objective to advance the development and utilization of coal as an economic, abundant and environmentally sound fuel source.

Click here to learn more about the benefits and opportunities associated with an annual ACC sponsorship.
The American Coal Council's (ACC) Communications Committee principally serves as a sounding board for the ACC staff and board of directors, providing feedback on strategies and tactics associated with association communications and marketing materials.

This is a critical time for the coal industry to be sending out information and producing effective programs. Would you like to be involved with guiding the industry’s communications and outreach? If you are interested or have contacts that may be interested in the ACC’s Communications Committee, please contact either Betsy Monseu or Jason Hayes at 202-756-4540 or info@americancoalcouncil.org.
Training and Education
January Coal Q&A Webcast – 2016 Coal Markets Update
Steve Piper, Director Energy Research  SNL Energy
Wednesday, January 20, 2016 - 2-3pm Eastern

As 2016 commences, is there good news to be found in the domestic coal market? What are the key factors of success or distress in each production region? 

Join us as Steve Piper returns to the ACC Coal Q&A series to share SNL’s market outlook. Steve will address:
•  Aggregate supply/demand forecast to 2020
       •  Impacts of gas displacement, coal retirements/conversions, and renewables
•  Basin production outlook 2016-2017
       •  Key factors of success/distress for each region
•  Longer term scenarios of ultimate U.S. coal market size
       •  Gas displacement – further risk versus potential upside
       •  Clean Power Plan – potential outcomes

Also, be sure to mark your calendars for our February Coal Q&A webcast

February Coal Q&A Webcast – "Leveling the Playing Field: Policy Parity for Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies"

Janet Gellici, CEO National Coal Council
Wednesday, February 10, 2016 - 2-3pm Eastern

There is no charge for members of the American Coal Council to attend the webcast, but pre-registration is required. Non-members may register for a fee of $50.
Calendar of Events
Mark your calendars for these upcoming 2015 ACC events:

Be sure to watch the events page on the new ACC website for registration and event information for our conferences and monthly webcast programs

Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions
American Coal Magazine
When a private citizen or company violates rules, misrepresents facts or pollutes a river, government penalties are swift and severe. It’s different when the government lies or screws up.
Click here to read the full article on the Coalblog.

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On August 3rd, President Obama announced his administration’s signature global warming policy, known as the Clean Power Plan.

 In the simplest of terms, the Clean Power Plan empowers the Environmental Protection Agency to centrally plan the electric industry.

Click here to read the full article on the Coalblog. 

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If we were to assess the future of the global coal sector from reading the mainstream press, we could safely assume that the last mine was about to close and that draglines and long walls would be museum artifacts within a decade. Thankfully some of us still analyze the fundamentals of commodity markets rather than just push an ideological position, unconstrained by the inconvenience of facts.

 Click here to read the full article on the Coalblog. 

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The American Coal Council and Naylor Association Solutions have partnered together to provide the American coal industry with a wide variety of print, digital, and online advertising opportunities.

As you enter your annual budgeting season, be sure to check out our Media Guide & Rate Card with all the information that you need to advertise in any of our publications.

Remember that ACC Members receive a 10% discount on all advertising rates listed in our Media Guide.

Please contact Jason Hayes, ACC Associate Director at 602-769-3872 / jhayes@americancoalcouncil.org or Anthony Land, Project Leader at Naylor Association Solutions 352-333-3454 / aland@naylor.com with any advertising questions.
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