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Industry News
Effective August 15th, 2016, the American Coal Council’s office location changed from Suite 600 to Suite 300 at our existing street address, 1101 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20004.

Please make the change to Suite 300 in your records.

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From the industry media coverage of ACC’s August Coal Market Strategies conference, by Argus Media’s Laura Mojonnier:

Washington, 11 August 2016 — The US coal sector must rehabilitate its public image and gain bipartisan support for fossil fuels in Congress if a more favorable regulatory environment is ever to be achieved, industry leaders say.
The industry faces "a problem of public perception which translates into political and regulatory repercussions," H Quest Vanguard chief executive George Skoptsov told participants yesterday at the American Coal Council (ACC) conference in Park City, Utah. "Coal has basically become a four letter word."
This has created an environment ripe for anti-coal regulations.
"The administration’s efforts to diminish coal really are bookended by (the US Environmental Protection Agency’s) Clean Power Plan on one side, which is blocking coal consumption, and the Interior Department’s stream protection rule on the other side, to block coal production," ACC chief executive Betsy Monseu said.
The stream protection rule alone "could shut the industry down," CoalBlue project president and former Alpha Natural Resources executive Jon Wood said. CoalBlue is an initiative focused on encouraging congressional Democrats to support clean coal legislation.

For the rest of this piece, including more from conference speakers George Skoptsov and Jon Wood, and from speakers Drew Kramer of Tri-State Transmission and Generation, Inc. and Bill Kovacs of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, click here.
Earlier this year, the Board of Directors of the American Coal Council (ACC) undertook a review of the ACC’s Bylaws.  This was done with the assistance of our legal counsel Cara Lawrence of Tierney Lawrence LLC.  ACC’s Bylaws had not been updated or changed since 2011.  At the conclusion of the review, the Board voted on June 10, 2016 to approve an amended and restated version of the Bylaws. 
The primary changes incorporated into to the Amended and Restated Bylaws of American Coal Council as of June 10, 2016 are as follows:
1) Updated for changes in the Colorado statutes (ACC is incorporated in Colorado)
2) Modernized the notice and communication provisions
3) Clarified members’ voting rights and requirements
4) Revised Board member term limits from one term to two terms.
This provides Board members with the right (but not the obligation) to serve for two terms. A two-term limit is common among associations, as it provides for a balance of experienced and new Board members.  
The Amended and Restated Bylaws of American Coal Council were sent to primary designated representatives of American Coal Council member companies on June 27, 2016. Others may contact Betsy Monseu at ACC office at 202.756.4540 or by email at bmonseu@americancoalcouncil.org to receive a copy.
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Have you checked out the ACC’s social media outlets lately?

Please be sure to follow @AmericanCoal. Tweet "shout outs" and links to @AmericanCoal, along with coal-related hashtags: #coal, #climate, #CCS, #CCT, etc.

Please be sure to like and share ACC’s page and posts with your company and personal accounts.

If your company has tech or social media savvy employees, or employees with graphic design capabilities who are willing to donate time to help prepare infographics, social media posts, write articles, etc., please let the ACC know – info@americancoalcouncil.org
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Each year we publish a Membership Directory with contact information for each of our member companies.

As a benefit of membership, we make this Directory available for ACC members to download (in PDF format). Click here or on the graphic below to download the 2016 Membership Directory.

As the Membership Directory is a membership benefit, we ask that you please refrain from sharing this file with anyone outside of your own organization.
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The ACC's 2015 Tomorrow's Leadership Council recently developed a "Coal Communications Kit" to help coal advocates educate, inform, build bridges, and counter misinformation about coal. This document provides ideas and information that coal industry employees and others can use to improve communications and relations with others in the public realm.

Whether you're on an airplane, at a business or community event, or seeking to inform relatives and firends, coal advocates now have useful facts and information to assist them in communicating the importance, value, and benefits of coal in U.S. energy production.

1. Technological improvements in the coal industry
2. Airborne emissions and emissions reduction
3. Scalability of coal as an energy resource
4. Comparisons of coal vs. other fuels/energy resources
5. Coal’s role in grid reliability
6. Climate change
7. The costs of not using coal
8. Coal's role in international trade
9. Impacts of mining coal
10. Coal and resource depletion
11. EPA regulations
12. Pollution in China

The Coal Communication Kit provides ready responses to commonly held negative notions about coal. It offers convenient "elevator speeches", Facebook posts, and Tweets, as well as more detailed information and resources.

We’re confident coal advocates will find this information useful and easy to share. Be sure to check out the Coal Communications Kit, use it in your discussions with friends, the media, elected officials, and others. Then, please be sure to share the Coal Communications Kit on your social media accounts. Spread the information around so everyone can access it!
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You are invited to join an exclusive group of American Coal Council (ACC) member companies who have elevated their level of commitment to the ACC through their Annual Sponsorship support. In doing so, these companies have also gained recognition as industry leaders in supporting the ACC’s objective to advance the development and utilization of coal as an economic, abundant and environmentally sound fuel source.

Click here to learn more about the benefits and opportunities associated with an annual ACC sponsorship.

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Training and Education
Peter Kirk, Executive, Business Operations,
GE Power Digital Solutions
Monday, September 19, 2016 ~ 2-3 pm Eastern
Electricity is the foundation of global growth; however, over one billion people have insufficient power today. By 2025, we’ll see a 50 percent increase in the demand for power. To meet these challenges, there is a dynamic transformation under way across the entire energy value network to maximize opportunities across the business and its operations.

With nearly 900 billion tons of reserves worldwide and about 27% of those reserves in the United States, coal remains a vital part of the energy mix. Today, more than 40% of the world’s electricity is produced from coal. As the economics of coal power generation have become tighter and regulations become even stricter, new innovations will be needed to meet these growing energy demands.

Advanced technologies, such as digital solutions can help coal-fired power plants in the United States and globally deliver better performance, greater efficiencies and improved reliability to drive smarter business outcomes.  

Join us as Peter Kirk discusses the future of coal powered assets and game-changing innovations.

There is no charge for members of the American Coal Council, but pre-registration is required. 
Calendar of Events


Mark your calendars for our last conference of the year – the Coal Trading Conference is jointly hosted with the Coal Trading Association and will be held December 5-6, 2016 in NYC!
Be sure to watch the events page on the ACC website for registration and event information for our conferences and monthly webcast programs

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American Coal Magazine
In a recent piece, Luke Popovich of NMA appeals to our presidential candidates: 

This is an open letter to Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton. 
If there’s any good news for coal these days, it’s that you both have promised relief for coal communities hit hard by market forces and the president’s regulations. Donald Trump, you say you’ll put coal miners back to work. Hillary Clinton, you pledged to put coal communities back on their feet.
The upheaval underway in the power sector, and the depth and duration of the regulatory assault on an industry struggling with market competition, will not make either promise easy to keep—even assuming the sincerest of intentions. In the past five years, coal fields have lost more than 67,000 jobs paying an average of $83,700 annually with good benefits.
Click here to read more. 
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In case you missed it in the theater, below is information on the 2016 movie "Climate Hustle": 

The #1 movie in America per screen during its one-night theater event in May, "Climate Hustle" Is a documentary hosted by award-winning investigative journalist Marc Morano. WorldNetDaily said the movie "could be the most important film of the year" and National Review called it "brutal and extremely funny."

Copies of "Climate Hustle" are available at www.climatehustle.com. Prices are as follows: 
Blu-ray                                  Standard DVD
1-9         $24.95 each          1 - 9       $19.95 each
10 - 99   $19.90 each         10 - 99   $16.00 each
100+      $14.95 each         100+     $12.00 each

Click here to learn more.
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The American Coal Council and Naylor Association Solutions have partnered together to provide the American coal industry with a wide variety of print, digital, and online advertising opportunities.

Be sure to check out our Media Guide & Rate Card with all the information that you need to advertise in any of our publications.

Remember that ACC Members receive a 10% discount on all advertising rates listed in our Media Guide.

Please contact Betsy Monseu, ACC CEO at 202-756-4540 / bmonseu@americancoalcouncil.org or Anthony Land, Project Leader at Naylor Association Solutions 352-333-3454 / aland@naylor.com with any advertising questions.
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