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Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions
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2015 Coal Trading Conference

Featured speakers:
 Deck Slone, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Public Policy at of Arch Coal will address coal-related policy and regulations
• Andy Schoettle, Portfolio Director for the East region (PJM and MISO) at ACES will address the impact of renewables, gas, and coal retirements on U.S. power trading

Join your peers and industry experts in New York for education and networking. Meet directly with the top coal suppliers and traders, coal buyers, transportation companies, and more... 

Register for the 2015 Coal Trading Conference TODAY!! 
Congratulations and welcome to the newly elected members of our Board of Directors. Thank you to everyone who is serving, will serve, or has served as a member of the ACC Board. We cannot do our work without your continued support.

Our 2016 Board of Directors is:

•  Matt Schicke, Head of U.S. Coal, Noble Americas Corp. (2013-2016)

•  Robert Hardman, Vice President – Coal Supply, Dynegy (2013-2016)

•  Adam Anderson, Vice President Marketing/Sales, Armstrong Energy (2016-2018)
•  Samuel Johnson, Vice President Energy Marketing, CONSOL Energy (2016-2018)
•  Mike Siebers, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Peabody Energy (2013-2016)

•  Elliott Batson, Director Coal, Duke Energy Corporation (2015-2017)
•  Benjamin Baughn, Senior Market Originator, Dominion Generation (2016-2018)
•  Christian Dueweke, Commodity Manager, Holcim U.S. Inc. (2015-2017)
•  H. Craig Romer, Director Fuel Supply Operations, Xcel Energy (2014-2016)

•  Scott Becnel, VP Terminal Operations & COO, United Bulk Terminals USA (2015-2017)
•  Donna Cerwonka, Asst. Vice President Utility Coal, CSX Transportation (2014-2016)
•  Todd Nuelle, Director Sales & Marketing U.S., CN Railway (2015-2017)

•  Kimberly Chilcote, Manager Fuel Procurement, AEP Energy Supply (2015-2017)
•  Pat Panzarino, Vice President Trading, Trammo, Inc. (2016-2018)

•  Buddy Hancock, Sales & Quality Mgr., US Minerals, SGS North America (2015-2017)
•  Leonard Marsico, Partner & Coal Team Leader, McGuireWoods LLP (2015-2017)
•  Scott Smith, Senior Sales Leader, North America, GE Power & Water (2016-2018)

•  Ken Riddle, Supervisor of Chemical Processes, Lakeland Electric (2016-2018)

•  Betsy Monseu, Chief Executive Officer, American Coal Council
November 23, 2015

Washington, DC - Coal is a critical resource that is vital to robust economic development and improving the quality and longevity of human life. It is an abundant, affordable, accessible, and reliable energy source – and that is the reason it is the go-to fuel for 40% of the world’s electricity needs. Future coal use is projected to grow as developing nations continue to electrify and global population and urbanization increase. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has forecast that global coal use will reach 9 billion tons annually by 2019. Global emissions will rise as well. IEA estimates that developing nations will account for 70% of global carbon emissions from energy in 2030, and for 170% of the increase in those emissions from 2013 to 2030. ...

Click here to view the full statement. You can reach the ACC at 202-756-4540 / info@americancoalcouncil.org.
The ACC’s Tomorrow’s Leadership Council (TLC) is designed to advance and vest executive talent in the coal industry. The Council provides a meaningful opportunity for up-and-coming executives to enhance their industry knowledge and networks through projects and activities that advance industry-wide objectives as well as professional development goals.

The TLC program, which launched in 2009, has "graduated" over 110 executives from 47 different coal industry companies. A recent article in American Coal magazine provides some background on the program and one of our previous graduates -- see page 78.

We welcome any coal-focused organization to register their up-and-coming executive talent for this one of a kind professional development program.

Additional program and registration information is available on the ACC website. Please also call or email Jason Hayes, ACC Associate Director, with any questions or comments.
The ACC would not exist without the support of our members and supporters and this month we have twice the reason to be thankful for our members and advertisers.
SNL Energy has sponsored the final month of our 2015 calendar. SNL Energy is a long-time member, supporter, and Champion Sponsor of the ACC. SNL has been actively involved in our publications, committees, sponsorship program, and events for several years.
Please connect with them by phone: 866.296.3743 / email: SNLInfo@SNL.com / the web: SNLEnergy.com

Martin Engineering USA has sponsored the opening month of our 2016 calendar. Martin Engineering is also a long-time supporter and sponsor of the ACC.
They have also been actively involved in our publications, committees, sponsorship program, and events.
Please connect with them by phone: 800.544.2947 / email: info@martin-eng.com / the web: www.martin-eng.com
You are invited to join an exclusive group of American Coal Council (ACC) member companies who have elevated their level of commitment to the ACC through their Annual Sponsorship support. In doing so, these companies have also gained recognition as industry leaders in supporting the ACC’s objective to advance the development and utilization of coal as an economic, abundant and environmentally sound fuel source.

Click here to learn more about the benefits and opportunities associated with an annual ACC sponsorship.
The ACC is considering the possible evolution of our Coal 2.0 Alliance to the "Coal 3.0 Alliance."

We have been receiving an increasing number of contacts and inquiries from developers and other organizations interested in coal conversion technologies. For that reason, we are considering widening the scope and focus of this committee to address enhancing coal efficiency and reducing emissions, whether on a prior-to-consumption basis or by conversion (via coal gasification, liquefaction, etc.)
In response to increased interest, we featured a session on coal conversion technologies at our August 10-12, 2015 Coal Market Strategies conference, and are continuing to assess members interest in this area. If you are interested or have contacts that may be interested in this updated committee, please contact either Betsy Monseu or Jason Hayes at 202-756-4540 or info@americancoalcouncil.org.
Training and Education
ACC Tomorrow’s Leadership Program Annual Project Presentation
Tuesday, December 15, 2015 ˜ 2:30-3:30 pm Eastern

In its annual project, the TLC Group developed a hands-on tool that anyone related to the coal sector can use to convey key messages about the value and benefits of coal to build bridges and counter misinformation, in either personal or professional settings. In this presentation, the TLC Group will present its findings and discuss its final report with webcast attendees.
Calendar of Events
Mark your calendars for these upcoming 2015 ACC events:
• 2015 Coal Trading Conference with CTA – December 7-8, 2015 Marriott Marquis (New York, NY)
• Spring Coal Forum – March 8-10, 2016, Sandpearl Resort (Clearwater, FL)
• Coal Market Strategies – August 8-10, 2016, Stein Eriksen Lodge (Park City, UT)
• 2016 Coal Trading Conference with CTA – December 5-6, 2016 Marriott Marquis (New York, NY)

Be sure to watch the events page on the new ACC website for registration and event information for our conferences and monthly webcast programs
Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions
American Coal Magazine
This recent Coalhub report forecasts met coal prices will remain low and then "rebalance" between 2017-2019. 

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Too much, too fast: Many liken EPA’s proposed actions to "moving the goalposts" before the compliance mechanisms for meeting the 2008 standard are implemented and its health benefits and economic costs are fully understood. Numerous scientists and economists consider the latest proposal to be too much, too fast, or, in other words, it is simply premature.
Click on the American Coal magazine logo to read the full article on the Coalblog.
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In February 2011, I spoke at the Fifth Annual Energy Forum and Expo in Grand Junction, CO. As I ran through my presentation, I listed some of the pressures being applied to the U.S. coal industry. I also made sure to caution the many members of the natural gas industry that were present to restrain their schadenfreude over the coal industry’s current challenges. In the best of scenarios, I warned, they would have only a few short years before they began to experience the same destructive attacks.
Click on the American Coal magazine logo to read the full article on the Coalblog.  

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The American Coal Council and Naylor Association Solutions have partnered together to provide the American coal industry with a wide variety of print, digital, and online advertising opportunities.

As you enter your annual budgeting season, be sure to check out our Media Guide & Rate Card with all the information that you need to advertise in any of our publications.

Remember that ACC Members receive a 10% discount on all advertising rates listed in our Media Guide.

Please contact Jason Hayes, ACC Associate Director at 602-769-3872 / jhayes@americancoalcouncil.org or Anthony Land, Project Leader at Naylor Association Solutions 352-333-3454 / aland@naylor.com with any advertising questions.
Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions
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