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Geolantis 360TM is a leading geospatial solution to capture and pinpoint the exact location of critical infrastructure including subsurface utilities like cables and pipes. Geolantis 360TM works seamlessly with all GPS/GNSS devices – from low to high precision – as well as all major cable & pipe locate manufacturers.
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BC Hydro is seeking one qualified consultant or company that can provide all labour, equipment and transportation for Transmission Standby Services on an “as when and required” basis as described herein for Vancouver Island, B.C.

The role is to perform transmission inspector services for underground utility, attend work site, document conversations with the requesting contractor intending to perform underground work and possible observe work method applied, as and when required.

Help us spread the word! The Preventable Campaign is targeting underground infrastructure safety! Here are a few links you can visit and share to spread the word about infrastructure safety and the Preventable Campaign, helping make everyone's life a bit safer.

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Since 1978, we've delivered projects safely, on time and on budget. Valard has full-service capabilities for transmission, distribution, substations, foundations, telecommunications and renewable energy. In addition, Valard is head of the Valard Group of Companies, and part of the Quanta Group, the largest electrical power contractor in North America. We have the experience, knowledge and resources to take on any utility project, any size, any complexity, any place.
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Tel que nous vous l’avions annoncé plus tôt ce printemps, nos préventionnistes sont de retour sur le terrain afin de sensibiliser les travailleurs à la prévention des dommages aux infrastructures souterraines. Jusqu’à maintenant, ils ont connu une excellente réceptivité et collaboration sur la centaine de chantiers qui ont été visités. Les travailleurs n’hésitent pas à leur montrer, avec fierté, les mesures mises en place afin de réduire au minimum les risques de dommages.

De plus, lors de leurs visites, nos préventionnistes remettent divers outils promotionnels, dont des pochettes contenant divers guides et outils tels que des directives à respecter lorsqu’on travaille à proximité des infrastructures de 7 grands propriétaires. Restez à l’affût, car vous pourriez les rencontrer cette année sur vos chantiers. D’ailleurs, vous pouvez nous écrire à, si vous désirez obtenir la visite de l’un d’entre eux.


Each year, damage to buried utilities costs Canadians more than $1 billion. The web portal connects homeowners and contractors with their local One-Call Centre, which notifies the appropriate utility companies of their intent to dig. Professional locators are then sent to the requested dig site to locate and mark underground lines with flags, spray paint or both. Striking a single line can result in repair costs, fines, inconvenient outages, cause serious injury and in rare cases, result in fatalities.

Every digging project, no matter how large or small, warrants a visit to Installing a fence, planting a tree and building a deck are all examples of digging projects requiring a locate request.

For any sort of ground work, it is recommended you place a locate request.

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Source: Osprey Observer

“'Thousands of our customers saw their natural gas service impacted by damage to pipelines during excavation or DIY projects last year,' said Luke Buzard, vice president of Pipeline Safety and Regulatory Affairs for Peoples Gas. 'When homeowners forget to call before digging, they run the risk of damaging their own service lines. When excavators don’t follow safe digging practices, even if they call ahead of a project, the impact is much greater—hundreds of residents and businesses can lose utility service from just one hit line.'"

Membership News

As noted in our 2020 Report to Members & Partners, BC 1 Call’s shareholders have elected to move to fixed fees from 2021, and we promised to consult our general members on their interest in adopting a fixed fee model from 2022. Please take 5 minutes to complete our fee preference survey here.


Do you have questions about requesting a locate online? Sign up for a free Webinar to learn more about this process!

Before You Dig Partners is hosting a Webinar series to review the ticket submission process, recent software changes, and help system users address any hurdles they may have encountered while using the Pelican software.

Webinars will be hosted in two formats. One focuses around "The Basics" of submitting locate requests online, while the other is an "Advanced" session highlighting complex ticket types and recent software changes.


As Jeff told, in the April 2021 article "O’Leary: The story behind the keeper of the cup’s children’s book" his dad, Glenn “Keeper” McWhinney was a quarterback-halfback with the 1954 Grey Cup-winning Edmonton team and a member of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

"The elder McWhinney cherished the memories of his teammates and the camaraderie that came with them. Years later, when he was very ill and nearing the end of his battle with terminal cancer, he was offered a chance to hold the Cup and drink from it one last time. He declined, saying, 'Not without my teammates.' Jeff was there that day and the moment became the backbone to a children’s book he’s written centred on football’s power of inclusion."

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Today, more than ever, the ability to make a big impact with a small footprint is critical. Trenchless expertise has never been in higher demand, and Vermeer MV Solutions is the new powerhouse in vacuum excavation technology and equipment. Everything we do, everything we make, is designed to help you get the job done right. Fast. Effectively. And efficiently.
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