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Geolantis 360TM is a leading geospatial solution to capture and pinpoint the exact location of critical infrastructure including subsurface utilities like cables and pipes. Geolantis 360TM works seamlessly with all GPS/GNSS devices – from low to high precision – as well as all major cable & pipe locate manufacturers.
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April is National Dig Safe Month across Canada. It’s a reminder about the importance of continuing to raise awareness on damage prevention and safe digging practices, especially with the start of the spring digging season.


Wow… que dire de plus ? Nous avons traité, hier, pour la première fois plus de 2 800 demandes en une journée. Les demandes de localisation et la prévention des dommages deviennent de plus en plus des incontournables lors de la planification et la réalisation de travaux d’excavation. Toute la sensibilisation effectuée dans les dernières années via, entre autres, les campagnes de communication, les rencontres sur le terrain et les formations complètes, porte ses fruits.

Le CERIU tient à informer ses membres et ses partenaires que son congrès INFRA 2021 qui se déroulera les 29 et 30 novembre 2021, sera encore cette année complètement virtuel.

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Source: Daily Commercial News/ConstructConnect

Celebrity contractor and HGTV personality Kate Campbell is teaming up with Ontario One Call to raise awareness of the importance of utility locating before starting work on digging projects. 

Source: Hydro One Inc.

This spring, Ontario's largest utilities are urging residents to contact Ontario One Call to have their underground utilities located before digging or starting any outdoor project. According to a TD Bank report, more than one-third of Canadians surveyed have completed, or are planning to complete home renovations as they spend more time at home during the pandemic.

Source: Ear to the Ground

"Jamie Bradburn of T2 Utility Engineers, who conduct SUE surveys, identifies several problems that arise with abandoned infrastructure. First, it is often difficult to distinguish live and abandoned utilities, necessitating a tap test. Secondly, a problem he frequently encounters is that companies abandon utilities and mark their records correspondingly, but another utility then reuses the abandoned infrastructure." 

Source: Technavio

The utility locator market is poised to grow by USD 1.39 billion and accelerate at a CAGR of almost 5% during 2021-2025. The market records incremental growth due to the stringent regulations on excavation and digging practices during the forecast period.

Source: Engineering News-Record

Currently undergoing trials in the United Kingdom, the Robotic Roadworks and Excavation System, or RRES, is a robot that can autonomously excavate, repair and rebury gas lines beneath paved roadways. During its initial site assessment, it uses ground-penetrating radar.

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“We need to raise awareness about the importance of contacting BC 1 Call before digging or breaking ground,” said Chris Hyland, BC 1 Call president and CEO. In regards to the survey findings, Hyland said, “What struck me (no pun intended) is that, while we’ve been around for almost 30 years, there’s still a large number of folks in B.C. who don’t know or actually misidentified the service we provide. If more people knew that BC 1 Call helps avoid the risk of personal injury, environmental contamination and disruption of essential services, we could help make B.C. a much safer place.”


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Before You Dig Partners is hosting a webinar series to review the ticket submission process and recent software changes and help system users address any hurdles they may have encountered while using the Pelican software.

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