Hidden Moisture In Your Roof

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Hidden moisture is your roof's worst enemy. It wastes energy, eats away at your roof deck, and contributes to "sick building syndrome." Even worse, it spreads to more and more areas over time. Catch it early, though, and you can stop it with relatively inexpensive repairs.

A visual inspection, while valuable as a guide, cannot accurately pinpoint moisture below the roof surface. A Thermocore infrared moisture analysis provides you with a detailed thermal map of how and where hidden moisture is located. A sensitive infrared scanner is used at night to detect temperature differentials across your roof; areas over wet insulation appears warmer than surrounding areas. You get the data you need to make the best decisions with your roof budget.  

Moisture probes are then used to verify wet areas, and the results of the infrared survey are confirmed by taking core samples. Some physical testing is necessary to measure the quantity of moisture at the core site and details of the roof construction. All roof cores and moisture probes are immediately repaired with Tremco materials to ensure waterproofing continuity.

Everything you need to understand the location and extent of roof moisture and what course of action you should take is documented for you.

Thermocore Benefits

  • Reduces lifecycle costs by helping you prevent the spread of moisture throughout the entire roof system, thus avoiding unnecessary tear-off.
  • Allows for accurate identification of wet insulation with minimal invasive testing of the roofing system.
  • Takes the guesswork out of roof analysis by using scientific data and comprehensive reporting.
  • Inspected by the industry leader in roof diagnostic information and backed by ISO 9001 Quality processes and measurements.

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