BC Energy Step Code Council

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The BC Energy Step Code is a performance standard designed to drive steady increases in the energy performance of new buildings. It is not a stand-alone code, but a part of the BC Building Code. Local governments in the province may use it, if they wish, to incentivize or require a level of energy efficiency in new construction that would exceed the minimum requirements specified in the BC Building Code.

The Energy Step Code Council, a multi-stakeholder advisory body that includes representation from BOMA BC, developed implementation guidelines and asks local governments to follow them to ensure smooth implementation and uptake. The BC Building Code now allows builders to voluntarily meet any step of the BC Energy Step Code and receive a permit, rather than follow the base code’s prescriptive approach.

Starting in 2022, the base code will begin “catching up” to the BC Energy Step Code. The entire province will reach the “top of the staircase” by 2032, when net-zero energy-ready construction will be the law of the land. At that point, at least in theory, the BC Energy Step Code will have done its market transformation work and will wind down.

For your information is a link to a recent report on the Lessons Learned from the BC Energy Step Code:


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