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Dear BOMA New York Members,

As we conclude 2020 and look back at the challenging year, my heart fills with gratitude, pride and hope.  Despite the pandemic, rallies and social unrest, the commercial real estate industry carried New York City on its shoulders.  From ownership to management to countless service companies – we collectively rose to every occasion.  As Chair and Chief Executive Officer of BOMA New York, I was fortunate to have a front row seat to witness multiple strategy sessions with partner organizations, as well as be a part of the advisory process with many city agencies.

All while BOMA New York leadership and staff collaborated to do what is best for the commercial built environment, we continued to add value throughout the year.  Not long after another attendance record breaking Pinnacle Awards Gala – our world changed – and we were no longer allowed to congregate.  Despite the limitations, we double downed our commitment to our members and transitioned to 100% virtual programming.  The change in scope proved positive for all.

The signature monthly Lunch & Learns went from a consistent 40 in-person event to over 100 online registrants per month.  We programmed many webinars that attracted high level thought leaders, as well as continued our award-winning educational program with BOMI and exclusive Green & Wellness presentations.

The steadfast value did not go unnoticed, as BOMA New York was featured by the media including Bloomberg, ConnectMedia CRE, Commercial Observer, Engineering News-Record, and Real Estate Weekly.  In fact, the New York Real Estate Journal featured BOMA NY as the “CRE Association of the Month” in December recognizing us for leading and advocating on behalf of the collective commercial real estate industry.

I look forward to 2021 as a beacon of hope and positivity.  I am confident in our ability to continue to add value every day.  Most important, thank you for your continued engagement.  It is you and all BOMA NY members that nurture professional excellence and are an integral part of our continued success.

I wish everyone Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays.

Hani J. Salama, PE, LEED-AP
Chair & Chief Executive Officer
BOMA New York

Get to Know Your Board

We sat down with BOMA New York Board Member – Nicholas Mather, RPA, LEED AP O+M – Property Manager at RXR Realty.

Kastle Systems Security
Naylor Association Solutions
Angus Systems Group

BOMA New York is responsible for being a leading voice on behalf of the CRE industry, and a committed resource to the media.  Since the last issue of BOMA FACTS, please see the following news stories that featured BOMA New York, its leadership and membership.

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Back in 2018, the City enacted Local Law 191, which requires CO detectors in parts of commercial buildings by January 1, 2021. When that law was being debated and passed, BOMA New York took an active role and helped secure amendments to the original bill that made things better than they would have been.

That said, there were other changes to the law that we wanted that we did not win. Some of these issues related to areas of the law that we thought were vague and so would make compliance more difficult. We also wanted to clearly limit the requirement to install detectors to where there was a real threat of CO poisoning—areas where combustion occurs and where people could be potentially exposed to CO gas. The final bill reflected this risk-based approach to a degree, but not to the degree we had hoped.

Add into this mix the unforeseeable challenges buildings face from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the amount of time and effort building staff have had to devote to making buildings safe for workers to return to, as well as a range of other complications with complying with the law, and the result is that many buildings are behind schedule for complying by the January deadline.

Working with our partners, we made the case to the City that, at a minimum, more time is needed to comply with the law. As a result, The Council introduced a proposed bill, sponsored by the Chair of the Committee on Housing and Buildings, Robert Cornegy, that would push the compliance date back to July 1, 2021, giving building owners and managers an additional 6 months to install detectors.  Although we do not know for a fact that it will happen – Chair Cornegy hopes to pass this extension when the Council met for their last meeting of the year, on December 17th – and we will keep you posted.

Although this reprieve, if achieved, would be much appreciated, it probably isn’t enough. Uncertainties about the bill still need to be settled. Available equipment and installation expertise may prove insufficient for the scope of work. And budgeting for and designing this expensive work may just take longer than even an additional 6 months will provide.

Consequently, it is our hope that we can continue to work with the Council and the City to clear up uncertainties and maybe even to revisit the law with an eye toward improving it. There is no guarantee that that will happen, but the 6 months would give us a little time to maneuver. We will keep our BOMA New York membership in the loop if we manage to work out some amendments and improvements to the law.


We rolled out a brand-new program to highlight our Allied and Professional members. It was such a big hit that we published two more issues within the same month. We will continue to highlight members in the ongoing Member Profiles throughout 2021.

Volume One – 12/01/20

Volume Two – 12/07/20

Volume Three – 12/14/20

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We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year, with a special thanks to our 2020 Sponsors.  Please see our complete Holiday message HERE.

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Due to the pandemic – The Pinnacle Awards – usually scheduled at the end of February will be rescheduled for June 2021.  Please keep a look out for more information early in 2021.


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