BOMA Facts


The New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY), under the leadership of the new Commissioner, Jessica Tisch, is looking to change some policies regarding the setting out of waste and recycling for curbside pickup. The goal of the policy changes is to reduce filth on streets, battle the rat problems, and make sidewalks more accessible during the evening pedestrian rush hour.

The new rules will impact commercial and residential buildings, although not those that use loading docks or other off-street areas to stage trash and recyclable removal. Currently, residential buildings can place waste on the sidewalk starting at 5 PM the night before pickup, while businesses can do so within an hour of closing, and that waste can just be in garbage bags without containers.

Under the new rules, commercial and residential buildings can continue to set out their waste and recycling at the same time they do now, provided that material is containerized (i.e., in garbage containers with lids. If not containerized, residential and commercial waste cannot be put on the curb until 8 PM. DSNY is also committing to increasing their overnight shift to get more trash off the sidewalks faster than before.

Most BOMA New York buildings will not be impacted by this new approach, as they are already adhering to best practices for waste disposal.

Currently, DSNY is conducting outreach with stakeholder groups to educate about and refine this proposal. The formal rulemaking process will take place shortly and will include a comment period and at least one public hearing.