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Featuring Dr. Deborah Birx, Former White House Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator
December 14, 2021
“Wow,” is the single word to review the magnificent and state-of-art WarnerMedia Screening Room located at 30 Hudson Yards, as well as the information packed presentation by Dr. Birx and Amy Carenza, Chief Commercial Officer at ActivePure.  The room was filled with executive level operational professionals from the largest and most influential owners in NYC.

The power duo immediately got into COVID-19 data since March 2020 and the science of mitigating a virus.  Ms. Carenza said, “We want people back in the office, enthusiastically.”  She followed her statement with a review of some of the operational strategies in place to date, coupled with a deep dive on active solutions for all buildings.  Dr. Birx urged the private sector to lead by example saying that, “When you don’t test, you’re flying blind.  Testing regularly is essential to the fight and is the best way to be present versus being concerned.”  Stay tuned for more coverage.