BOMA Facts

How long have you been a BOMA New York member and how did you first get involved with the Association?
I have been a BOMA New York member for fifteen (15) years. I first became involved with BOMA back in 2002, when I started in the industry. I wanted to learn everything about commercial property management, so I consulted veterans in the industry about career growth. This led me to receiving a BOMI RPA designation, which provided a solid foundation of knowledge for my career in commercial real estate.

What is your favorite BOMA New York event and why?
Hands down, the Pinnacles. I have been involved in the Pinnacles for many years and have gone through nominations and awards. For the past few years, I served on two judging committees. The sheer amount of preparation and effort that goes into each entry is immense and it truly highlights the great talent and leadership in our industry.

It’s clear that continued education is important to you via the investment you’ve made in your career.  What continued education program has benefited your career the most?
The BOMI RPA program was essential to my career. I encourage every aspiring commercial property management professional to acquire the RPA designation. It’s a well-rounded program that is invaluable in an industry where you’re required to be a jack of all trades.

Empire State Realty Trust is well known for their commitment to sustainability.  In fact, its website states, “IEQ, Wellness, Energy, Efficiency & Value is your pathway to return to the office with confidence.”  Please explain what the ESB is doing specifically to engage tenants today, as well as for a more sustainable future.
Our tenants are our top priority, and we focus on the creation of healthy, productive, and sustainably built environments that attract and retain tenants to position us for long-term success. We elicit feedback from our tenants through annual tenant satisfaction surveys, performed by a third party, across 100% of our portfolio in regards to property management and sustainability. In addition, we directly engage with our tenants via town halls and education sessions that are specifically focused on sustainability.

Managing the Empire State Building is analogous to managing a celebrity.  From an operational perspective – beyond its impressive size, tourist attraction, and infamous lighting program – what’s most unique about the ESB?
The Empire State Building is indeed a celebrity in its own right. There are many unique aspects of the iconic building, from the tower lights and lighting shows to the reimagined Observatory Experience. Even beyond that, the lobby is a unique, intricately detailed work of art. We monitor and control the climate in the lobby to ensure museum-like conditions are maintained to preserve the exuberant Art Deco glamour.

BOMA New York is a rare industry association that has empowered women at multiple professional levels.  Please explain the importance of diversity and inclusion within the workspace and industry.
Nearly twenty years ago, when I started my career, there were few females in the CRE industry. More women advanced in their careers over the years, which helped create a stronger, more productive industry. Diversity and inclusion are essential within the workplace and industry. We need people from different genders, backgrounds, cultures, and races to provide us with the balance of voices and diversity of thought that we need.

How do you uniquely inspire and motivate your team and what is your advice to someone starting out in the commercial real estate industry?
The way you show up as a leader and express yourself is a strong reflection of how your team functions. I treat my team with respect, kindness, and genuine integrity. I am fortunate to work with a remarkably talented team, whom are all dedicated and hardworking. They are the future of this industry and will step up as leaders as our company grows.

If you are starting out in this industry, be prepared to learn a lot about many things. A career in CRE involves lifelong commitment and education.

When you are not working, what do you enjoy doing with your spare time?
I enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities and discovering new hobbies in my spare time. This season I look forward to learning how to sail.

What’s your favorite movie?
There are so many great movies and I have many favorites, but if I were to pick one it would have to be The Pianist. It’s such an extraordinary true story.

What’s your favorite book?
The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books. The novel is timeless, and themes are relevant to this day. Growing up and living on the Long Island Sound, the “West Egg” (Great Neck) and “East Egg” (Port Washington) setting has always had special meaning to me.