BOMA Facts

Q: Have you always worked in the real estate and property management industry?


Zeccardi: Yes, I have.


Q: What did you start out doing in your career? How did you get started?


Zeccardi: After graduating college, I was hired by a prominent real estate investment firm as a field supervisor in Boston, Massachusetts. After two years, I was promoted and transferred to the firm’s New York office as a property manager.  Shortly thereafter, I was asked to join their team in Naples, Florida. Moving to Florida wasn’t the best fit for me at the time, so I began to consider other opportunities in New York. I found an advertisement in the newspaper for a job in Manhattan as an assistant property manager and director of construction at 420 Lexington Avenue. I applied, interviewed, and was offered the position. I’ve been working in property management ever since.


Q: What caused you to join and stay involved with BOMA New York over the years?


Zeccardi: I enjoy it! I’m really dedicated to BOMA. Before joining the board, I was a member of the Codes and Regulations Committee, and the Preparedness Committee. I also volunteered to work on the Professional Development Committee, which is responsible for developing timely and informative seminars to address various industry-related topics. I found my involvement with all three committees to be a rewarding experience – each broadening my knowledge and making me a better real estate professional.


Q: Out of the committees that you are involved in, is there one that you’re particularly passionate about?


Zeccardi: I’m passionate about my involvement in all the committees, and I remain active in them all.


Q: BOMA is launching their new mentorship program this month. Will you be a mentor?


Zeccardi: Yes, I plan to be. Developing the mentorship program was an initiative that my fellow officers and board members felt was extremely important to assist our newer real estate and property management members. Our hope is that the program’s mentees obtain real world career advice, and create meaningful professional and personal relationships that will continue once the program is completed.


Q: What are you most proud of during your time at BOMA New York?


Zeccardi: I am extremely proud of being selected as BOMA New York’s Outstanding Local Member of the Year and for the two presidential awards I’ve received from former BOMA presidents.


I also helped develop a "lessons learned” white paper after Hurricane Sandy that examined how our members were prepared for and managed their properties during and after the storm. It included information on how the storm affected members and their properties as well as compared property contingency plans. We came up with some very interesting conclusions, which will help our members prepare for storms in the future.


Q: If you could give one piece of advice to someone newer to the industry, what would it be?


Zeccardi: Get Involved. As President Kleeman mentions all the time, "this is your BOMA.” Members should take advantage of all the education programs and opportunities that BOMA offers, join committees and be an active member on those committees. After some 30-plus years in the industry, and as vice president of BOMA New York, I am amazed at how much I continually learn and grow by being an active participant of BOMA.