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We Matter is an Indigenous led national non-profit organization committed to Indigenous youth empowerment, hope and life promotion. The We Matter campaign works with Indigenous role models and allies from across Canada to share messages of overcoming hardship with the message to Indigenous youth that, no matter how hopeless life can feel, there is always a path forward.

The organization has created a toolkit for BC counsellors to use, whether Indigenous or non-Indigenous, to help with conversations. The toolkit has two parts, a book to read through and a huge collection of videos. You must send an email to order the toolkit and there further information available on the website as well. Check it out!

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From the BC Counsellor

Your BC School Counsellors Association executive works hard to provide a yearly conference loaded with workshops and information to help you further your knowledge and skills as a school counsellor. We also recognize that the conference cannot provide all the training necessary. Where do you get your training? Let us know at so we can spread information and help others find quality trainings. 

Local to BC, bringing in a variety of trainers specific to people working in the field of mental health is Jack Hirose & Associates Inc. Registration is now open for their next round of workshops.

Scholarship Opportunity for your International Students.
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CAEL CE, an academic English language proficiency test accepted by 100% of Canadian English-speaking universities, provides your students with an authentic representation of language use in a Canadian context. CAEL CE test takers are also eligible to apply for a $5,000 CAD scholarship. Test registrations are available in the lower mainland, Vancouver Island, and across British Columbia at
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As the opening page of the website reminds us, "Anyone in British Columbia can claim to be a counsellor or therapist." In a society shifting to increased accountability, is it important for school counsellors to belong to a regulatory body for counsellors? The BCTF provides ethical guidelines for us as teachers but what of the unique relationships we develop as counsellors. Many school counsellors in British Columbia belong to a professional association beyond the BCTF. Some provide therapy services in addition to serving as a school counsellor. 

The FACT BC website is now live. Take some time to visit and think about the complicated world of counselling in BC.

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Source: Teaching Tolerance

"Gender may seem simple, but the myths surrounding this concept mask its true complexity. Experts who work with youth and gender issues tell us the two most common myths are these: First, gender is binary, offering only two options; second, gender and sex are the same thing. Summed up, the myth goes like this: Every person is either male or female, and the distinction is based on that person’s anatomy."

If this snippet from this article caught your attention, head over to the website and check out this interesting resource. There is a collection of other articles and a toolkit for having a gender neutral day. 

BC Counsellor

Know Before You Go is a resource intended for Grade 12 students and the educators who support them as they transition from high school to post-secondary and/or employment. It is a life skills resource that will help students anticipate, identify and navigate situations they will encounter. It contains information on many topics including paying bills, study skills, roommate issues, identity questions and everything is embedded in information on how to maintain good mental health and how to seek help as needed.

There is both a PDF version that can be downloaded and an interactive online version. Brought to you by Teen Mental Health.




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